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  1. Hello!

    Hey Dominic nice to meet you! I've only been here a couple of days too but its a great place, full of info! Good luck with your application - theres always somebody here to answer questions and stuff, especially dappy and ken
  2. Hello everyone

    Well...as long as you don't say "...there will be an aproximate wait of 28 days before your receive any further correspondance from this department..." then sure! Oranges all round lol
  3. Does the Hijab defeat concept of CCTV?

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that i dont think banning the Niqab would have a direct impact on reducing crime. I read the post about the airport incident and was thinking that in these circumstances the authorities should be able to check to see if the person(s) who's face is concealed is not wanted etc. Again, this would probably best be done in private rooms - and i couldn't envisage any community complaining about this as long as it is enforced uniformly. Practically however, this would mean banning/ any items of clothing that conceal and/or hinder indentification (such as caps, hoods, scarves etc) which is obviously a minefield of trickiness to enforce. But maybe this might be a good idea in places where identity is commonly checked (such as airports, stations etc) - as would be common sense? I really dont think that a ban on the Niqab would impact general crime though - i mean why go through the effort of obtaining one and putting it on, when a cap will do just as good a job? In relation to the whole terrorism thing, anybody could be a terrorist no matter what their religion, culture or clothing. It's to do with beleifs and in many cases grooming, and i think that is what the focus should be on.
  4. Hello everyone

    Hey HighwayMan and Dappy nice to meet you all, i think haha! I was wondering where the whole orange thing was leading to, now i see! Well, what can i say, im not too nutty but im a quick learner aaaannnd, i think orange jaffa cakes are scrummy In ken's defence, he was the first person i met on here - which puts him high up in my book - albeit a bit noobish!
  5. Hello everyone

    Hi Carol! Thank you for the kind words. I know, im already finding myself coming back this site everyday and im only just beginning the first steps! Also, im a bit of a chatterbox so this is great haha! thanks again, hope all is going well!
  6. Hello everyone

    Hey Ken nice to meet you . Yeah i guess i do like oranges, but i have little reason to be biased in favour of or against any member of the fruit society but yeah oranges are good!
  7. Hello everyone

    Hi there! Well, without this sounding like an awards ceremony speech, i'd just like to thank everybody for taking the time out to post on this forum as i have found it so very useful during my application! Im still at the papersift stage myself and am sure of nothing but the long wait ahead! Thanks for making the wait just about bearable and keep up the great work!