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  1. NEWS:Spared jail:

    Should have been a custodial, makes my piss boil....
  2. New Met uniform

    Trousers have fallen apart at the seams already, like the shirts although they were supposed to be less sweaty and they are the opposite. To top all that off we have been told that we have to wear long sleeve shirts throughout the olympics, thats all well and good but i only have 3 including the new one and they are not giving out more so will have to wash shirts every other day grrr.
  3. My limit is different depending on how close to the end of a shift it is :whistle2:
  4. i failed my vetting. Again.

    You know about this police involvement and i just want to ask, did you put it on your vetting form? It may just be a case that they know you know about it but didnt offer up this information when asked to.. just a thought
  5. unlawful seach

    If i arrest say a shoplifter and there is outstanding property then i search until i find it and then i carry on searching for anything else they may have pinched. Anything found goes in a property bag and sealed OR the shop take it back and give me a till print out for the value of the item. If i arrest someone at say a domestic then they get searched before going in the van (DIE) and again if there is anything illegal found on them then it gets seized. Anything thats seized will go on the custody record and booked in the property book. If the person is arrested at or near to their home and the home address is searched under section 32 then a 101 would be filled out, (premises search record), and again any property seized would go in there.
  6. First week done with my PDO...

    Never a truer word spoken. I had problems on street duties with the very same thing. What got me was the tutors would have a go at you for doing something the way another tutor had showed you but the other tutor would not have the balls to say that they had told you to do it that way, just stand there and let you take the flack. I did learn fast on street duties though, learnt that some people are only tutors to get an easy shift and they were rubbish on team....others really are there because they care and want to help people. I gets much better when you get on team and after a year if you have put your self out for others and taken some really pants jobs so your mates don't have to you will not be seen as a probie.
  7. What on earth happen to TheGrimreaper?

    I dont see anything funny about that photo, it's just an S thats been painted pink..... :whistle2:
  8. substantive driving licence

    It's only a stupid question if you already knew the answer mate
  9. sudden deaths

    I would have thought if someone was eating their lunch while browsing the forum they would avoid topics like 'sudden deaths'. Just a thought
  10. If you don't take reasonable steps to trace the owner then it could be sen as theft, but you could say that you have reason to believe that they no longer wanted it....
  11. I would say if you parked up for any length of time when it was dark... can't expect the traffic warden to sit there all night with a stop watch now can you lol As already stated the parking reg's are normally put in place by the local council so you would have to check with them
  12. s165 RTA for minimoto?

    I say seize it and stick them both on. If you didn't and one of them ended up under a car then what.....Dammed if you do dammed if you don't Can a 59 warning be put on a vehicle with no VRM? or can it go on the rider? personaly i would just take it off them and to hell with the 59.
  13. sudden deaths

    Had a similar one where a man had a bit of a bowl movement while dying, he must have been confused and embarrassed as there was a few lumps next to him and his had was covered in it....yuk, that was the only really smelly one i have done. I did another where the mans daughter had found him and called for an ambulance as she thought he had just collapsed and was unconscious, she had also called a few relatives and they called a few and they called a few..... before i knew it i had given the death message no less than 15 times and had hysterical family members falling about the place, i stayed as long as the family wanted me there to deal with the undertakers and even took a few of them in to see him. I got a really nice letter sent in to my guvnor from the family too. I think the best advice for anyone dealing with a sudden death is if you're going to throw up, do NOT do it on the body or in the room as i may be a crime scene lol
  14. What Torch?

    I've been using the led lenser P7 for over a year now and only had to change the battery's twice, and they were still working ok when i changed them. very bright and the best bit is 4 AAA'a instead of the expensive lithium jobby's