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  1. Sorry I've took so long to reply guys! Thanks Tom that was a great and helpful first post. I'm still unsure but swaying more towards forgetting about Uni for now anywy and joining the Special's. I only really have one more question for now and that is do I have to be 18 to apply or can I apply now at 17? Thanks again guys!! Paul.
  2. Thanks guys, that's brilliant help, I've took it all on board. Went to the Police station yesterday and it's just made me want to join the Police even more. Any more opinions would be great. Thanks a lot. Paul.
  3. Hi, I am currently 17 years old and studying BTEC National in Public Services (Uniformed) I am predicted DDD (Triple Distincton) which is equvilent to 3 A's at A Level. I am un sure whether to go to Uni or not now. I spoke to a Sargeant this weekend and he said for Cheshire Police force, when your in your probation years you do a foundation degree in Policing, so going to Uni would basically be pointless because your going to get a degree in your probation period. I still think getting a degree would be good because if the Police doesn't work out, it doesn't matter what degree I have, it's always good to have. Still unsure what to take etc Public Services, Policing, Criminology, Law etc. I just wanted people's opinions on me applying at 18 years old (Next February) to be a Special Constable, what are my chances to get in? I know there is at least one 18 year old Special in Cheshire as it says on their website that they are the youngest Special. The Sargenat said now a days the best way to get into the Police is internally, so suggested I join the Specials first. I know they want life experience, I currently work in a pub so sometimes handle customer complaints with food etc, I have also done lots of voluntary work and I'm doing well in college. So what's your view? I appriciate any help at all, thanks in advance from a consfused 17 year old who's only pation is to get into the Police!! Paul.
  4. I know this is a very old thread now but thought i'd reply as I never did after my last post, I appologize for that guys! I've taken the course and am actually in college right now and I am LOVING every minute of it Thanks again :)
  5. Right, thanks for that yeah i'm 15 lol I'm turning 16 in feb, leave school in may Has anyone else done the course?
  6. Ok, thanks a lot. So whats it all about? More police than the other services, or is it equal, as in the time you study each service? Did you enjoy it? I heard theres a lot of trips, are there? Where? Yeah i'm hoping to do this course, then after the 2 years, teach the piano as my full time job. After a few years, join the specials, then if i like it, apply for the regulars, not sure about Uni. How many years ago did you do this course? Sorry 4 loads of questions. Thanks Paul
  7. Hi i'm currently in my last year at high school and i want to be in the police when i'm older. However i've heard the "public services" course in college will really help me you study the emergency services, team leading, confidence building etc. I just wanted to know if anyone on here has taken this course? Or if you know anymore information about what you do, that would be great! Please help me! Thanks Paul
  8. Ok, thanks but what would i be doing in geberal if i volunteered at 16? paper work... etc
  9. Sorry, but what is the NPT? What does it stand for? And does anybody know of any voluntary work i can do in the Cheshire police force? But i'm only 15, am i too young? 16 in feb! lol Thanks Paul
  10. right ok well yep thats fine with me if your ok with it will try to work out how to pm you now.... arr one problem i just remembered my computers been all funny recently so it might sign out at any moment but i'll try thanks again! Paul
  11. Haha! right okay, well could anyone who has done the PIRT test recently please tell me what is it like? Is it much harder than GCSE maths and english or not? And sorry for annoying you with so many questions but what is a report writing exercise? I also heard when you are training you get put into a situation where you are monitored on how you handle this argument etc. Is this true? if so how did everyone here deal with it? And okay, i'll remember that now it's specials. Thanks to anyone else in advance who answers my questions and please help!
  12. Dappycow you have no idea how much i appreciate your help today thanks again. And yeah i am very keen to learn as much as i can because being in the police for me is a dream job, being looked up to in society. So a specialist sounds like a good idea to go for at first and it's only 16 hours a month which is good, but the one thing i don't understand about you is that if your a specialist how come your a superintendent? how did you go that high up in the ranks being a specialist? Also thanks for your help about promotion to sargent. Could anyone tell me what the other exams are like then to apply? like is it a maths exam (don't like maths) and english? I don't know what else to ask right now so thanks again. Paul
  13. Thanks for your helpful post trixiefoo i will probably spply for a pc at 18 then depending on what i am doing at collage etc and then yeah see where that takes me. And yep i do mean cheshire police force but where is their training school based at? It doesn't matter if you don't know. By the way sorry for the short reply's because i'm at school right now. I also wanted to ask what is the training like? and all parts of it? like the physical side and the logic? because my dad passed it years ago and he said it was one of the toughest things he had ever done. I am a runner at my local athletic club and can run 400m in about 59 secs and 800m in 2.19 seconds would i be fine for the physical side of training? thanks again Paul p.s how long does the training take to complete to be fully trained?
  14. Thanks again dappycow so i'll just go for being a pc at first and then over years i will try to get promoted to a sargent and then who knows! lol anyway another question how do you apply for promotion do you get chosen for doing something good/brave like in the army? or can you choose to go into the exam? thanks! p.s i've read below that university degrees depend on force to force so i'll see about chesire
  15. okay, well for question 1 i meant is it better paid? because i heard it was and no i am not thinking about joining the police because of the money. And thanks for your helpful comment because what you said makes me want to join more, i would like the help the community. And when you say your a voluntary police officer does that mean you get paid? and so when i am 18 is it better for me to apply for a pc because thats what i think i will do. Also this is probably a stupid question but in school we had the royal navy come in and they said they would pay for anyone doing an open university degree when they are working for them does this happen with the police? Also i would like to know how hard it is to get promoted to say sargent? and what do you have to do to get promoted? sorry for lots of questions and thanks again! okay, thanks for that bravo because i didn't know that. Well so far so good.