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  1. Strathclyde police

    Hi, Sorry I didn't get back to you haven't been on in a while been studying like mad. How did you get on with your fitness? Did you pass your initial?
  2. Strathclyde Police (Final Interview)

    Hi, Just passed my initial and now waiting for my final interview date. Getting a bit worried about the structure and possible questions they ask. Like everyone else any input would be greatly appreciated. It means alot to me for getting this far I just don't want to mess it up now. Good luck to everyone thats got a final coming up.
  3. Initial Interview

    Hi, Not been on here for ages. Just passed my initial and waiting for my checks now. Congratulations to everyone who has got this far. I'm getting really nervous now.
  4. Got my SET Date Strathclyde

    Hi, I've got my set /fitness on Thursday the 19th. The info your looking for is on the letter they sent you with the date. I'm afraid the photo thing is a must. As for the running I'm just outside the time too but I think the adrenanlin will kick in on the day. Put the T in the park stuff out your head and don't use it as an excuse. Half the battle is mental just be positive and say to yourself all the way through the run that you can do it. Don't give in or think god I shouldn't have got ###### at the weekend. If your getting hammered drink loads of water and on the day get a couple of hours shut eye, eat a few bananas and drink some energy drinks before you go. Hope you enjoy your weekend and good luck mate.
  5. Strathclyde police

    Hi, Don't know if this has been answered for you but it shouldn't ake long for the application to get processed and if thats sucessful then you should do your fitness in about 4 to 5 weeks. The 12 mins is okay I'm just outside but give yourself plently of time to train and have an initial go to check your time and how far you need to progress. This way you get no nasty surprises nearer the time.
  6. Strathclyde police

    Thanks guys, that makes me feel a bit better I downloaded the MSFT mp3 to see what it was like and was dreading having a go at it. I might still use it to get my fitness up though. I'm a wee bit off the time I need and need to drop a bit of weight but just trying to do some different stuff. Not to bothered about the SET stuff I downloaded the test papers and they weren't to bad but its been a while since I had to do some of that stuff without a calculator!! More worried about getting stuff together for the interviews. I'm from North Ayrshire and have thought about applying for a while but the time seems right now. I'll just pray there isn't a monsoon on the 17th!! Cheers for the input, much appreciated.
  7. Strathclyde police

    Hi, Just thought I'd say hello got my SET and fitness on 17th July and I thought I was pretty fit till I ried the run!! Got some work to do. Think its great you all support each other and I've found some useful info so far so thanks to everyone who posts here. I know the website says it could be a mile and a half run or the M.S.F.T (bleep test) so was wondering if anyone knew if and under what circumstances they would use the MSFT? Everyone seems to be talking about just the run? Cheers and thanks again.