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    you could try to use your initiative, or a leap of faith if you get my drift.
  2. Met Start Date - 9th Feb

    Good Luck for tomorrow everyone !
  3. amendments to medical questionnaire

    I had a similar issue with putting the wrong sick dates down. I called the recruitment line and they sent me a replacement form via email which allowed me to correct the mistake. Still using the original last page signed by the GP of course. Hope this helps.
  4. MET Police - 16th March Start Date

    Well Done. I got a call today to ask for confirmation of one of my reference fax #'s so looks like the pile of paperwork for the 16th March intake has been started.
  5. 16 March MET Start Date

    Not sure yet on if I will commute or look to stay closer. I'm in Bexley where abouts in deepest Kent are you travelling from? Glen
  6. MET Police - 16th March Start Date

    That it did. Could have been worse, they nearly caught me standing in Ladies Lingerie...... :whistle2:
  7. MET Police - 16th March Start Date

    One more for the bunch, 16th March for me too,. I got a call from the Met on Saturday whilst standing in Primark.
  8. MET DAY 2 - FITNESS & MEDICAL 9th Dec

    Yes it is the same. Good luck to all the poeple who have start dates.
  9. waiting for vetting!

    If it is of any help. I had my day 2 on Friday 5th Dec, where we were advised to wait 8 - 10 weeks and then call up the recruitment line if we had not heard anything.
  10. Age Old Question !

    I have done a search, however did not see too much of relevance unless my search criteria was way adrift. I am getting ready for my day 2 medical and fitness with the Met in a weeks time. Assuming I get through and successfully get offered a post. I am developing a niggling question in my mind about my age being a negative. I am currently 45. I would be keen to hear from any others who have joined up later in life and the positive and negative experiences associated with the age thing during their early years. Glen
  11. A/C Day 1 - Saturday 25th October

    I too have made the call, I think I was shaking just as much as I did on the day one. Got told I had passed, yippeee. Fingers crossed for others still waiting. Glen
  12. A/C Day 1 - Saturday 25th October

    Congratulations Kat and everyone. I will give them a try later if I get some slack at work.... Now, I am bricking it :-) Glen
  13. A/C Day 1 - Saturday 25th October

    No news here either. Although I am sure I heard on the day that we were the last day 1 of our batch. Glen
  14. Assessment dates at Hendon????

    Made it home safe and sound. Great bunch of people, nice to meet you all. Day ran very smoothly, with very little down time overall. Fingers crossed now for all of you. Not feeling too confident myslef, but then again I don't feel it was a complete disaster either. Glen