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  1. PASSED PASSED PASSED! why i was in such a state goodness knows, i guess if you want to be in the police and you dont get accepted there arent many options so thats why it means to much...anyway all done now just spent a fortune on parade shoes....
  2. introductions

    passed passed passed!!!!!! very happy going for uniform fitting on thurs and start 22nd july!!! i dunno why i worked myself into such a state!!!!!! i did my mile and a half in 12 mins 28 secs and that was with the wind coming towards me !!!!! rocket up backside and all that.......
  3. Strathclyde police

    I have my final fitness for strathclyde police at jackton tomorrow and am TERRIFIED!!!! its pretty stupid to be so scared but this has all been a long time coming and if i mess up now i will be v unhappy!!! i applied feb 07, set may 07, initial fitness june 07, initial interview oct 07, home visit may 08!! final interview june 08, medical monday passed (june 23rd!) and fitness tomorrow (june 26th!!) all i can say to anyone doing interviews etc is to do as much research as you possibly can! work hard cos it will show, read LOADS of up to date news papers such as the herald and try to slip in wee things, eg i mentioned stats re drug abuse and a report i had read about violence and how the chief constables anti violence campaign was progressing! be confident not cocky and it will show. if you want it enough you will pass it! simple as. people who failed their initital medical that i was on obviously had done no prep. im not the fittest. my bmi is 26 but i exercise reguarly and im not an olympic athlete but i worked hard to get to the police standard! the nurse told me at my medical as long as your bmi is under 29 theres no problem good luck everyone!
  4. introductions

    HEHE youre so right i need to calm down. i have worked myself into a small frenzy imagining all sorts of dramas about over active imagination. jelly legs is down to sheer nerves! gonna get an early night and eat a huge bowl of pasta for tea:)
  5. ok has anyone else experienced the adrenaline rush to push them over the line faster than their normal time? i know i am nervous about nothing 'cos my worst time is 13 mins 45 seconds but its that way where 15 seconds isnt enough for if something goes wrong such as me taking a header in the car park or something!!!:) i passed my initial fitness, i exercise every day, i had my medical on monday and the nurse/dr both commented on how good my lung function is for a girl and that i must be a runner but im so nervous. just because to come this far and to fall at final hurdle will be a nightmare. my b/f/mother/brother/best mate keep saying things like 'dont worry you'll do great'....etc etc but it doesnt help in fact they are driving me nuts! do you run your final with other people (there were upwards of 15 people at my initial fitness) and is a can of red bull advisable before hand (i am in a running club for distance rather than speed and they said a caffiene hit about 40 mins before hand will give me a boost!!) any ideas...someone help a girl on the edge:) haha
  6. introductions

    god , i have passed my set, initial fitness, initial interview, home visit, final interview, medical and i have my final fitness tomorrow and i feel sick! i exercise reguarly and the dr at my medical told me i had great lung function for a girl and knew i was a runner from the results but my 1.5 mile times seem to be getting worse, always less then 14 mins but sometimes not much! i have jelly legs and am papping it:( help advice hints???