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  1. passed passed passed!!!!!! very happy going for uniform fitting on thurs and start 22nd july!!! i dunno why i worked myself into such a state!!!!!! i did my mile and a half in 12 mins 28 secs and that was with the wind coming towards me !!!!! rocket up backside and all that.......
  2. HEHE youre so right i need to calm down. i have worked myself into a small frenzy imagining all sorts of dramas about over active imagination. jelly legs is down to sheer nerves! gonna get an early night and eat a huge bowl of pasta for tea:)
  3. god , i have passed my set, initial fitness, initial interview, home visit, final interview, medical and i have my final fitness tomorrow and i feel sick! i exercise reguarly and the dr at my medical told me i had great lung function for a girl and knew i was a runner from the results but my 1.5 mile times seem to be getting worse, always less then 14 mins but sometimes not much! i have jelly legs and am papping it:( help advice hints???