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  1. Met Police borough

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could help, Just wanted to know the the shift patterns are like for the OCUs across the following boroughs: West Drayton/Uxbridge Feltham/Hounslow Twickenham/Richmond Kingston upon Thames Also are there response shifts based at all stations and what sort of things are dealt with by response, how far do they deal with investigations and how many people are on the shifts? Many thanks
  2. 22nd March Start Date?

    I'll be commuting too, about 30 mins from me.
  3. At your fitness test you get to put down a choices of 3 stations. 2 from one BCU and 1 from another. They then try and give you one of your choices but they do say in some cases they may be unable to.
  4. 22nd March Start Date?

    Got the letter, based at Maidenhead, Berks East. Very very pleased!
  5. 22nd March Start Date?

    I emailed them and was told they will not start processing the final offers until the week beginning the 15th Feb, my guess is we will get it on Sat 20th Feb.
  6. 22nd March Start Date?

    I know what you mean, think I may email on Fri to see if they have them all back yet.
  7. 22nd March Start Date?

    Will see you both there as well on the 1st, does anyone know if they tell you when they have got all your references back?
  8. 22nd March Start Date?

    True, I think we should get something by the end of the week I sent off my driving licence yesterday, hopefully won't take long to get back to me. I'm the same about work, going to wait for a letter as well before warning them I will be leaving.
  9. 22nd March Start Date?

    Hello there, I will be there. Have you received any paper work through yet about the 1st Feb as I haven't yet. Also does anyone know if we get confirmation through about passing the medical? Hedley
  10. Medical

    Hi everyone, I finally got my medical through for 15th Jan 2010, 11 months after fitness, anyone else?
  11. !4th April start date

    Had my fitness on the 16th Feb but not heard anything yet, only transfered my application a month after you but it looks like I will get a start date more than a month after yours the rate things are going.
  12. !4th April start date

    Wish I was, what station you going to be based at?
  13. Waiting time

    Thanks for a timeline, its gives me some idea of how much longer I will have to wait. I have now got my fitness date for the 16th Feb so gradually getting there
  14. Waiting time

    Hi everyone, I transfered my a/c results back in Sep last year to TVP and have been told that my references and medical form have all been cleared and that they are just waiting on the vetting clearance before I get the phone call for a fitness date. Does anyone know how much longer I may have to wait, or has anyone been in the same situation and if so when is a likely medical, provsional offer/start date? Thanks