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  1. Same as our stab vests ! We are due our uniform in Derbyshire at some point , can't wait
  2. I got assaulted by an idiot (like you were) whilst on duty, totally unprovoked I wasn't even trying to arrest him. He got away with a caution as he showed remorse in interview. As said above, he showed remorse because he thought it would help. not because he actually gave a damn. I was fuming that he got a caution, I felt he should be made to explain to a magistrate why he acted a dick . So if I was offered an apology.... i wouldn't wipe my backside with it. I pride myself with being a very fair cop, but being assaulted is too far. Take all this advice above, live and learn and don't let it happen again
  3. Mate dont do it, I left the ambulance service to join police. In this climate with my ever growing workload etc, I sometimes wish i never joined.
  4. Add mine please, 9 years
  5. Got to agree,I know this is correct. See PNLD.
  6. I spent a week at the Burj, and a week at the sister hotel, jumeriah beach, (the one next to it), it was 5* and i would rather stay there!! The Burj Al Arab was amazing but you have to wear shoes and trousers inside and had to go onto the Jumeriah beach to use the pool/beach, and we got treated better at the 5*. The whole place is amazing, 2nd trip and wont be the last.
  7. Blimey, i only went few months ago, how things change!!
  8. ive been and seen it, its something else. It is called Burj Dubai, not sure if trojan was saying it wasnt?
  9. I have just got some North Face E-Tip gloves. They are tight fitting, very warm, able to use all equipment, including touch screen thanks to the silver index finger tip. they have a very slight grip to the palm and they look the part too. I only paid 22 quid. Cotswolds outdoor , online seel them .
  10. I hate wearing mine, its dated and i think it looks stupid. Bring on the new uniform i say
  11. enjoy it and dont be scared to ask questions... lots of them
  12. derbyshire also have collar number first initial and surname on our epaulettes
  13. Happy christmas to everyone too! Have a good one, stay safe
  14. best post i have read on here. Nice words mate.
  15. RIP, my thoughts are with the family, friends and collegues. Sad news