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  1. NEWS:EDL Marches Costing Taxpayers £10m

    £10 million? Compared to the way this government spends my money with total abandon on everything from bombing innocents in Iraq to schemes sending teenage burglars to Disneyworld (I made that up but it probably happens in some inner London borough) I'd call policing EDL demos a bargain.
  2. G4S

    There are some things that just aren't appropriate for the private sector to run. This is one of them.
  3. There must be a reason why Assange is worth £4 million to us, although I can't think why. This is not in the public interest, value for money but does keep the bloody Yanks happy. I know I harp on about a visible deterrent and I get told "lack of resource". Perhaps I should say I've seen Mr Assange; I'd be inundated with my visible deterrent.
  4. Lest We Forget!

    Close to home. A very brave man who thought of others before himself. R.I.P. PC IAN Dibell
  5. Police should be more polite to the public!

    You could argue that the Police aren't paid to be polite, but to protect people and uphold the law. However it is also true that politeness costs nothing and people (in general) tend to act in accordance with how they are treated. There is a time and place when the Police should be polite, there is also a time when politeness really wouldn't get the job done. I'd settle for some good old fashioned (not so) common sense TBH.
  6. Depends if the car made a complaint or not. Also as a Police Car the level of violence needs to be higher than your average people carrier would expect to deal with and they are made that bit more "robust". ;-)
  8. He had THREE in the car and the Officer felt it necessary to shoot. For me, that is enough. We are in general a "no gun" society. He decided to go against that and paid the ultimate price. Perhaps you'd prefer he did fire one or two of those guns and shot/killed the Police or passer by? Due to the actions of this Officer it never happened. He should receive a medal for bravery, not a potential charge. Makes my blood boil.
  9. That sums it up perfectly.
  10. I could understand a little better if the bloke wasn't a career criminal with three guns in the car. What are the Police supposed to do when confronted with this? Knock politely at the window and ask awwfully nicely if they wouldn't mind stepping out for a little chat? I've said it before; play with fire long enough, don't cry when you get burnt.
  11. Your claim is against the Force and he's the Boss. (an uneducated guess).
  12. Three guns were found in the Golf - a Colt .45 calibre pistol, a Baikal pistol and a smaller gun that was described as looking like a key fob. It may sound harsh, but live by the sword...... The other thing is 2005? Eight years to investigate? Too long IMHO.
  13. NEWS:Stop and search:

    I am surprised at meditate's opinion on this, coming from an NHS background. I would have thought that drugs as an issue is one of the major strains on the Service. Anything that deals with drugs head on (I would include S & S in that) would be a good thing.
  14. NEWS:Stop and search:

    I think you'll find, in the vast majority of cases it does. Worst case scenario; they'll only offend once.........
  15. NEWS:Stop and search:

    Evidence suggests the punishment isn't harsh enough.