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  1. Would anyone here be able to provide a Fast Track, Not Guilty, Full File list of what MG files are required? Inc, for a Fast Track, what would the Court, Defence and Prosecutor require? The lists received so far from colleagues have ticks all over the place and they are not an easy read. Anything would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. I bought the LED LENSER Police Tech.. it comes with a nylon pouch that fits on the bat belt
  3. Really ... its the opposite for me ... I get them, I just cant remember them haha
  4. Hey Tomek ... very good advise. I am still in the classroom and I wish I understood earlier on the importance of learning the definitions I think I have caught up now.
  5. New Zealand have been known to recruit. My ex is now a Sergeant out there.
  6. Have you googled it? PACE is set out as Code A etc, but I understand what you mean. You should have received a copy of PACE when you joined.
  7. Well done Im February too ... I cannot wait to start!
  8. I understand your disappointment but do not let yourself get too knocked back. 6 months is a while, but it is not forever. Worry about who is recruiting when your 6 months is up, there is no point stressing over it now. Spend the next few months practicing onwhat is required in the written exercise and when your time comes around again, you will pass it. I have been knocked back before. You have to keep trying, especially if this is what you really want.
  9. Hi Jen Another suggestion for you. Make sure you are breathing out in time with your push or the pull. Plus, keep your core tight. That helps your posture and will give you that extra bit of strength. Good luck in November :)
  10. I know a few people that have taken the course and said it was the reason they passed their A/C. I purchased their CDROM instead, as I did not have the funds to attend a course. This consists of 250 pages of information that I feel helped me passed my A/C. If you have the money and you do not feel too confident, Id suggest going on the course.
  11. I believe you need to be in uniform when the photo is taken .. so they may just give you are shirt and tie to wear? Could be wrong but I dont see any police force wanting you in anything but your uniform for your warrant card photo.
  12. Hi Claire, I understand your concern, but try not to worry too much. Firstly, you will not be invited to attend a medical until the very end of your recruitment process. You could be waiting another year for it. I applied back in March and I have my fitness test tomorrow. Seven months have passed and I have not reached the medial stage yet. I broke my wrist a week before my A/C and I panicked, but the advise I received I will say to you. If you have not done so already, email the recruitment team and explain to them what is going on. Let them know that you hope your surgery will not have any impact on your recruitment process, but that you are concerned that you may have to delay any medical or fitness if you have not healed by then. Tell them you will up date them after the surgery. Good luck with your application and recovery :)
  13. Hey Sorry to hear about your manager being an ass. I think you may have to consider pulling sickies if he refuses to be supportive. My managers dontlike the idea of me leaving, but know they need to accomodate me for this. Anyway, due to financial reasons I could not take the talking blues course. I was gutted as this was something I had in my head that I would do. After reading a few posts on here I found out that talking blues provide a CD-ROM for a small fortune which provides all the information you need to help your through your A/C day. Its about 250 pages of information and its as good as you will get without participating in an interactive course. In those 250 pages, it provides you with scenarios for the role plays and examples for the written exams. and interviews I would recommend this! Its all about knowing and understanding the 7 competencies. There are also a couple of decent books you can purchase from amazon (or even ebay) that provide you with various examples for the maths test too. Hope this helps and I wish you luck for your A/C day.
  14. Thanks everyone! I know the fitness test can be a sore subject for some as alot of people think its way too easy etc and then a thread will become a heated debate as to whether the fitness test is too simple. Ill admit that the bleep test is a struggle for me. I go to the gym 4 - 5 times a week, I do aerobic classes too and I can jump about for 90 minutes at a time and not think about how tired I am. I do the bleep test and ... wow .. Im taking in those deep breathes by level 4. Its so weird. Still, with one foot on the line and with right techniqie on the turn, I did hit 5.4 yesterday and although I stopped, I think I couldve done more if I was with someone. Anyway, I really do appreciate the encouragement. It does help :)
  15. It definately does. Thanks for replying.