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  1. Have You Any Useful Guides ?

    Would anyone here be able to provide a Fast Track, Not Guilty, Full File list of what MG files are required? Inc, for a Fast Track, what would the Court, Defence and Prosecutor require? The lists received so far from colleagues have ticks all over the place and they are not an easy read. Anything would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Torch question again.

    I bought the LED LENSER Police Tech.. it comes with a nylon pouch that fits on the bat belt
  3. Advice for a new recruit.....

    Really ... its the opposite for me ... I get them, I just cant remember them haha
  4. Advice for a new recruit.....

    Hey Tomek ... very good advise. I am still in the classroom and I wish I understood earlier on the importance of learning the definitions I think I have caught up now.
  5. Transfering Abroad

    New Zealand have been known to recruit. My ex is now a Sergeant out there.
  6. PACE Sections

    Have you googled it? PACE is set out as Code A etc, but I understand what you mean. You should have received a copy of PACE when you joined.
  7. update on how your application is going

    Hey Shannon, that is excellent, you'll be on the same intake as me
  8. update on how your application is going

    Hey Minako - I was not aware they had added this new step to the recruitment process. I can imagine it feels like another hurdle to jump, but trust me, its a hurdle worth jumping. It does seem all worth while once you receive your confirmation. Keep going and good luck.
  9. Apparently new students need to purchase this book before they start their ILPDP. I have tried looking for this and book suppliers state it is out of print. Anyone else having trouble finding this book?
  10. Start date..........

    Well done Im February too ... I cannot wait to start!
  11. Advice please?!

    Congratualtions Maria ... only question I can answer is the first one. You need to live 20 miles 'as the crow flies' from your station. I hope someone else will be able to assist you with your other questions :)
  12. update on how your application is going

    Hey Shannon n VitcH Congratulations to you both I am on the intake before you and when you say it will happen quickly, you do not know the half of it. I have completed my first pre joining weekend which was brilliant. I would feel confident in your provisional offer ... and you will be in your uniform before you know it. See you in Sulhamstead
  13. update on how your application is going

    I am concerned. Ive fought of a cold but it went to my chest and my asthma has kicked in a little. Never took a day off work for my asthma or has it stopped me from working out however, I know there is a lung capacity test and Im bricking it that this will get in my way. Congratulations for passing the medical. Fingers crossed Ill see you on the 3rd.
  14. update on how your application is going

    Medical this Friday ... quite nervous and I am not shy to admit it.
  15. 2 years and 7 months later ...

    No, I decided not to go down that route. I now wish I had as I would have more knowledge of the job, but it will come.