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  1. Police Pension Destroyed

    I'll never understand why the Police don't strike, I said it when I was in the job and I'm still saying it now. rubbish to what you signed up for, do they (the government) care about what they signed up for? They have gone back on the terms and conditions so you should do the same. Illegal my arse, who's gonna arrest you, yourselves? It would be the shortest strike in history anyway, you'd have them begging you within the first hour and not only would you get your pension back you would get a rise and a few other perks thrown in, if the fed would just grow a set and take the action required then they could make the job worth having again. I left because the writing was on the wall, cancelled rest days, not overtime, oh no there was no money for that, it was "you have to come in Saturday but there is no money in the pot for overtime so take wednesday off instead if you want" Oh cheers, thanks very much. How much worse will things have to get before you say 'enough'?
  2. Resignations topic

    Why resign unless you had something else of equal footing to go to? Your circumstances mirror mine exactly in so much as I left 4 years ago after 10 years service and its the best thing I ever did. But I resigned to go to another job, I find it quite bizzare that you resigned and then were surpised that you couldn't just walk into another job with the same pay and conditions.
  3. Week one with BTP

    Cant do the fancy quoting thing you do so it will all have to come in one big answer. I would suggest that it was you that didn't make the effort to get to know local villains mate, I made the effort to know who was committing crime in my areas at Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Wigan, Carlisle, Lancaster, Crewe, and made several arrests in all those areas and got to know the custody staff at nicks in all those places, not something I have ever managed since returning to H.O. In my opinion it isn't the job of a full P.S.U to escort a football train. I was just illustrating how H.O forces 'wimp out' if you like when it comes to escorting. The Railway industry does not want 22 riot cops on it's trains, it isn't a great image for the normal travelling public and 99% of the time it just isn't necessary. They may well have greater resources but my point still stands, G.M.P do not have passive drugs dogs and continually rely on the B.T.P for the use of theirs, as for the B.T.P dogs being less busy, well you can put one of those dogs out at Piccadilly or Victoria (In manchester) at anytime of any day of the week and get jobs all day long, no problem. If anything it was a lack of officers to deal with the jobs that prevented it from being pretty much full time. The German Police specifically requested the B.T.P FACT and let me add that the Met tried (as usual) to force it's way into the act, but got told thanks but no thanks. The Germans wanted the B.T.P because all their own research showed them that B.T.P were the experts at dealing with Football Fans in this country. What knowledge of local procedure do you need? Are you the type that requires a full briefing before going to the loo? Crime is crime and custody can and is sorted when you get there. To comapre the A.S.G to the T.S.G is not a fair comparison. Obviously the Met is one of the biggest organistations in the world and is going to offer much much more in terms of action and opportunity but it isn't for everybody. I didn't paint a picture of everything being rosey in the B.T.P, the very fact that I have moved on tells it's own story, the fact remains I have worked in many many more places than your average Met officer, maybe it was a North West B.T.P thing? I really don't know but I really enjoyed it. It's a bloody good force with plenty of things to be going on with for your first 4 or 5 years and longer depending on what you want. At the end of the day like yourself I wanted something else and moved on again. But in my opinion it is possible to have a fully satisfactory Policing career in the B.T.P and there is nothing wrong with praising what is ultimately an excellent organisation and giving the new recruits something to look forward to.
  4. Week one with BTP

    Can't be sure mate as I was a transferee when I went into the B.T.P. I personally had my photo taken when I went for my Uniform fitting which was at some T.A place in London. Oh and I have to say as mentioned above I have never earnt as much money before or since the B.T.P who seem to have a limitless pot for overtime. Oh and before I go just wait till your at a 'one under' and some local plod turn up for a nosey, ask them for a lift clearing it up and watch them turn white and leave as quickly as they came.
  5. Week one with BTP

    I believe that you are correct, however the point is most HO Cops wouldn't understand their powers under the Railway Bye Laws. I have gone H.O to B.T.P and now back to a different H.O. B.T.P is the best force I have worked for and the bobbies were probably the best that I have worked with in terms of their all round knowledge and professionalism, ultimately the force itself couldn't offer me a position in the particular field of Policing that I wanted but I would say to the new B.T.P recruit whilst the HO bobbies are stuck in their little respective areas dealing with the same faces day after day you will be scooting across the whole of Britain (well Scotland and Wales as well as the rest of England). Ask a HO force (we'll use G.M.P as an example seeing as I can speak with 1st hand knowledge) to take a group of 200 Football hooligans anywhere and they will insist on a full P.S.U going on the train, you and your fine collegaues will routinely do it with a Sgt and four or five. Had some cracking (and very hairy) days out on Football trains. Ask G.M.P to organise a drugs op targeting pubs clubs etc and they will run along to little old B.T.P and ask to use one of their drugs dogs because they themselves don't have any. Who did the German Police turn to when they wanted British Bobbies for the World Cup? That's right the good old Railway Bill I was North West based, I have worked in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle. I did mutual aid P.S.U's with so many forces I can't list them all. I worked on many a high street on a Saturday night when we have found ourselves in an area where the local force has no resources. Patrolled Carlisle single handedly cause Cumbria had some kind of chronic sickness attack. After you have settled in get yourelf on one of the area O.S.U's or whatever they're calling them now and you will work in places and with people that most H.O will never ever see. Viva B.T.P sorry I left now
  6. Acting off duty

    Hard enough to get some cops to intervene in trouble when they're on duty these days. My thoughts on occurences while I'm off duty have alwyas been the same, I would not deal with anything off duty that I would not have dealt with before I joined the job ie If I'm in town with my family and I see someone having a sandwich away from Greggs the best I'm ever going to do is point it out to the shop assistant, if that if I'm totally honest. However an old lady having her bag snatched etc then yeah I'm in. Two men fighting on the street, I'll make the 999 call, one man stood over another standing on his head then I'll intervene.
  7. Send In The Dogs!

    I'm due to be in this show. It's the episode that is gonna be based around Altrincham Train Station and then on into the town centre with a drugs dog. To be honest I really resent these shows being filmed whilst I'm working, I don't want to be on tele thanks very much. I'm one of the ones with the blanked out face but for insisting upon that I got to feel the wrath of the Inspector. As for dogs, they will never decrese the number of drug dogs, they bring in way too many figures. It's the poor GP dogs that are going to become part of history over the next few years. I doubt very much if there are any frontline bobbies that would be happy to see them go, but then again since when did it matter what we thought?
  8. train travel

    I have definitely heard somewhere recently that whoever does the deal with the met, transport for London or whoever it is have said that the Met cannot have that deal anymore. Not sure what is going to happen now. In Manchester I know that B.T.P officers get to travel gratis with Northern and up until recently so did G.M.P but a memo has gone round to all guards within the last few weeks stating that only B.T.P are to travel on warrant cards in future. Personally I think anyone that travels on a late night train on their warrant card to save a few quid is mad, not worth the hassle when the guard comes to get you to have a word with the 10 drunks in the next carriage.