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  1. JULY INTAKE.........

    Lol Yeah am already there....Heading to greenock when i pass out so not so bad...Tulli has been quiet this week since theres a division away.....How was your first week? Jen
  2. JULY INTAKE.........

    Just to say good luck to all starting at Jackton,see you all next week at Tulliallan...:-) jen
  3. ladies - footwear

  4. June Intake

    Yeah thats all im going with, i dont think they would have us all trying uniforms on,theres too much of it...any idea how many is heading to Jackton?? I know there will be more next monday at Tulli from all over..
  5. June Intake

    Hey, I would just wear your heels,they just want us to be smart or they would have said in the letter along with the stuff about hair. I was going to stick boots and shoes in car but i dont think we will need them to be fair. I would imagine boots for tues as thats your uniform,unless you got shoes not sure whether parade shoes are kept for just parade or not??? I hope so,trousers were short enough lol.. Then again im just guessing, but if they wanted something a certain way im sure they would have told us. Be glad when we get underway,feels like a lifetime waiting.. jen
  6. June Intake

    Hey Everyone Il be there minus p45 too lol.....postman is officially on strike here:-( Must of ironed my shirt a zillion times and yet will still show up like ive slept in it...Oh well heres to not much sleep tonight lol,see you all there.... And anyone whos sitting their final fitness tomorrow,best of luck...if i can do it anyone can... jen
  7. July intake

    Hi Sounds like your really enjoying it...also gives us newbies an idea whats coming up...can i ask,how many days in the week do they do fitness?? Thanx
  8. Polishing cloth for boots??

    I know,36 and having to get my mum to show me how to iron properly...shocking!! I never washed it,only because the nice lady told me not to,then again i never explained its use lol... Im thinking cotton wool will do the job just nicely,cheers sapper..
  9. June Intake

  10. June Intake

    Oh jeezwhiz,i think my postie is having a laugh,im always days later lol...
  11. Polishing cloth for boots??

    Sapper thats real nice of you,appreciated.. So heres the deal...bought a slyvet cloth today,armed myself with some everyday black shoes and went to shoe with, just cotton wool,water and polish...nice and shiny :-) second shoe with cloth,water and polish...dull,cant get any shine on it even after trying cotton wool on it...why do we need all this stuff? Nervous about touching my boots and shoes in case i make a mess of them lol.... I dread to think what im gonna do with an iron!!
  12. Polishing cloth for boots??

    Sapper is up for the challenge!! As for someone to do it for me,out of the question....the men in my family are joiners and anything smaller than a hammer doesnt cut it ;-( im finding youtube surprisingly helpful if not strange!!lol
  13. Polishing cloth for boots??

    Such a silly question but are you expected to turn up on your 1st day with your boots gleaming or do they show you how its done....??;-)
  14. Polishing cloth for boots??

    Hey Kirsty I just bought kiwi black polish from the cobblers,not so sure what to do with it lol...yeah im a bit nervous as well,am sure we will all be the just desperate to find out where im being posted. jen