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  1. Advice re internal application.

    I'm currently applying for an internal role in my force and have become caught up in one of the specialist knowledge/skills abilities points. It asks, knowledge of force processes and operational procedures. It gives no further direction and does not make mention of anything linked to the advertised role. Has anyone had a similar point to hit on an application and can offer advice?? Feel free to message me with pointers as like I mention above, I've become a little caught up on the point and am struggling. I'm not after examples to rip off here, just a pointer if you have come across a similar point on an application.
  2. Orange Police car?

    Sick car.
  3. Police use of personal phones to record conversation

    The seeker, a full and frank recording of what was said by both parties is to everyone's benefit and no breach of anything unless the officer is attempting to interview you. Should be done more often.
  4. Post a link to the footage to crime stoppers via their website.
  5. Secret speed cameras

    On Friday evening we had 2 traffic officers on for the whole force area. Out of over 7k cops.
  6. Anyone transferred to CNC?

    Thanks sb87.
  7. Anyone transferred to CNC?

    Anyone transferred to CNC? Just wondering if you have to complete the whole recruitment process and course if successful? Thanks
  8. Motorcycle Filtering Collision

    If the rider was 15mph or under then you would expect the driver to be at fault. If rider over 15mph then I would suggest 50/50 and if rider going at TT speeds then rider at fault.
  9. Voluntary Interview

    She gets found not guilty and you live and learn depending on your force? You forgot and as long as your honest I can't see a problem. If the defence grill you about not doing it and you agree that you didn't do it, where else can they go with it?

    I like the bit when he was dragged out of his car. None of this hanging around with endless patrols turning up while being filmed for YouTube. Positive action and well done that officer.
  11. foot chase

    Not directed at anyone here Simont. It's the probing that goes into why an officer is chasing someone in the first place that I was ranting about.
  12. foot chase

    Call me stupid but I'm in the job to catch people.
  13. If spat at and the defence is instant, I don't have any issues, however, if it happened as reported above and he nailed him a short while after then you are open to all sorts, including your oppo locking you up. A couple of colleagues got spat at while helping a lady from sub Saharan Africa who had MH issues, it went in their eyes, mouths, the lot really. 6 months of medication later all is well but during that 6 months, they had limited intimate contact with their partners and the medication made them feel like crap. Also, there is no way of making the offender disclose disease or making them take an aids test etc... Some would say a punch aint enough.
  14. A+E once told us to leave the hospital because a prisoner was making too much noise. We can restrain them but can't shut them up and our hospital just won't have it. I know where you are coming from and if they are that bad they should be at hospital but they just won't put up with the disruption and officers end up stuck in the middle of an argument between the nursing staff and supervision. I have to add that the example I gave above was not my prisoner and I happened to be in custody at the wrong time in the early hours. Lesson learned! Lol.
  15. Two of us had the pleasure of having to restrain a prisoner in custody who would not stop head butting the cell wall/floor. Some would argue let him crack on with it, however, the custody sergeant wanted him restraining. He was cuffed to the rear and had leg straps on. He was approx 6ft 4" a steroid abuser, was suffering from cocaine/alcohol abuse. Two of us spent 2 1/2 hours restraining him. This was one of the most stressful things I have ever done in the police both in terms of my own responsibility and looking after the prisoner. Paramedics were called and the prisoner refused to speak with them or calm down. After 2 1/2 hours he turned to me and said he had, had enough and wanted to go to sleep, we sat him up, took the cuffs and straps off, he had a drink and went to sleep. He just turned from constantly head butting and lashing out to a calm person in seconds. Some if the positions we had him in during the restraint could well be seen as torture but the flip side is that it prevents him from self harm and injury. We spent a lot of the time adjusting his position, changing the position of his leg straps and constantly checking the cuffs while trying to manage his size, weight and temper. I'm not looking forward to having to do it again.