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  1. Sleep well tonight people and I will see you all in the morning.
  2. Yeah I am very happy with that. I don't feel nervous at the moment just looking forward to the challenge. It may change Sunday night though.
  3. I got a letter today and am also at Sunderland area command.
  4. Hi all. I also got my smarts today, damn that top shirt button, pleased that was'nt a test at the A/C.
  5. I have'nt been contacted. I Guess I better ring tomorrow and arrange a time.
  6. AshSpecial (so used to calling you Dhumble) are you not getting residence, I'm sure you could.
  7. Lee, as far as I'm aware its boots, pants, top, jacket and hat. Correct me if i'm wrong please anyone.
  8. See you then mate. Looking forward to getting started.
  9. Is anybody elses number sliders blue, thought they would be black like everything else.
  10. Just get yourself a side car.
  11. I got my pack too, training at Durham after the first two days. Is this the case with any one else. I have got a uniform fitting on April 7th too. Must get my boots sorted out, too much choice. Thats good news bobby, I'm sure you will make it. Lee, yeah they look good, I was thinking of getting the same ones. Going to have a drive down and try some on at the weekend.
  12. Hope you hear soon mate.
  13. Hi Lee, I have been looking at the Alt-berg website. They were recommended by a friend. I think we are going to have a drive down. Entertainers, thanks for the tip £30.00 is better than a kick in the teeth.
  14. Thanks Lee. Yeah its a great feeling and I'm looking forward to the start of training. Better get the boots ordered.
  15. Im sure you will be mate, hang on in there, wont be long. What was the check they were doing.