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  1. very worried

    thank you both, i really appreciate you responding to me. yes i have had my medical and passed it i have passed my physical fitness also. believe it or not i even had a pre-recruitment medical as well and had no problems. i have made an appointment to see another doctor at my practice. i really hope this will help. many mant thanks to you both. i'll let you no how it all goes.
  2. very worried

    Hello all. can anyone please offer me any advice. i am so worried, i had my medical last friday and i passed with no problems. I have already had my fitness test and passed that also. however,i am so worried as five years ago i had lower back pain, this was caused by me constantly lifting and carrying my daughter around. I have been to the doctors to get my medical form signed and my doctor has ticked the box that says i am not able to carry out physical strenuous activities!!! i am absolutely deverstated as this was five years ago and i have had NO problems since. I was never even given any medication by the doctor at the time, just told me to go home and take some ibprophaine!!(not sure on spelling) the problem didn't restrict my movements at all, it was just uncomfortable and i never lost any time from work. the doctor that i saw 5 years ago is no longer there. the doctor that has signed my form and wrote down comments about my back has never even met me. the irony of all this is, is that i am a fitness instructor !!! i have never even had so much as a twinge and nothing at all was picked up during my medical or fitness test. I just can't believe it.on the medical questionnaire i didn,t even mention it as it was so minor and the doctor at the time told me not to worry, didn't even prescribe me a thing! as i said, i never lost time from work and i was not restricted in any way, just a little sore!!!can't beleive it, i just have this awful feeling that when occ health see what he has written that will be it for me!!!
  3. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    i don't ever recall her saying she she expected to be let off!!! so obviously you though wrong, AS USUAL!!!
  4. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    Yipee, your back. hope you had a great holiday!!! you go for it girl, i've yet to meet anyone with an A/C score of 83%. you get your running shoes on now. i've really loved this thread. as for Tomd!! talk about serious, oh my god. more like brown nose, wonder if he's looking for promotion!!!!
  5. Preparing a Proposal Document (Help)

    no your absolutely right there mate. you spell proposal this way NOT preposal!!! its pro not pre!
  6. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    might i suggest that you practice what you preach then!!!
  7. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    oh yes its only the great west mids that do the push pull standing up!!!! every other force in the country carry the test out sitting down!!! but eh this is the westmids the force that do everything differently!!! they are the bigest and the best remember!!!! and they have fitter crminals, apparently they run quicker, hence the force having a different fitness test!!! ageean i hope you are enjoying your holidays. good luck with your new appication. you'll be fine. don't read any of this rubbish. its so biased its just not worth getting upset over. you concentrate on your new app and plzzzz let us no when you have received your start date.
  8. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    well theres a suprise!!!
  9. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    oh yes very weak with a assessement centre of 83%. i can't see a single spelling mistake or a grammer fault!!! don't have a clue what you are reading must be your own post!!!
  10. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    oh yes and i meant to say it you look at the actual posting you will see it is followed by a question mark!!! you know it looks like this?????? she is asking the question "west mids police fitness test unfair?" she was asking for general feed back and opinions i dont think she really expected to be attacked like this!!! thank god shes on holiday!!!
  11. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    oh yes your very busy earning your money!!! your always on here!!!! boring why dont you go and RUN after a few criminals!!! you know, the ones that run faster than anywhere else in the country
  12. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    all i have to say to you guys is,yes 35 grand a year irrispective of what force you work for!!! SAME JOB SO SAME TEST!!!! get off your high horse Tomd!! men like you give us all a bad name!!! oh tomd i have read that ageean has gone on her hols so maybe she will ask the WM when she comes back. i hope she has more luck than me as i have already asked and got a very informative answer; A SHOLDER SHRUG!!! say no more!!! ageean don't bother asking them go to the home office and see what they have to say about the matter. let us all know what they say. good luck.
  13. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    and of course your all west mids police!!! you have to be right and the rest of the country has got it wrong!!! even the home office!!! the funny thing is, i'm a wm officer too and i just can't agree!!! as for running to catch criminals, i've been in the force over 5 years and i can count the number of times i've had to run on one hand!! ageean, even if you were 80 years old they old would still tell you you could do it lol!!i think the fitness test should be done right at the very beginning of the recruitment process as what is the point of putting recruits through all that only for them to go and fail at the very last stage. " the worlds gone mad lol" we are not any better than any other force so what gives us the right to have different standards!!!!
  14. West Midlands Fittness Test!!

    well if she was giving up i would agree with you but she isn't she's doing it all again, thats going to be much harder for her to do. so i wouldnt say she was "giving up at all" i'm bored now also. i don't agree with you so lets call it a day and moooooove on!!!