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  1. The Police - it's really not a job worth doing

    Hang in there Dirkster. But not literraly, things aint that bad yet buddy.
  2. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Good Luck to those of you starting tomorrow. I have another 2 weeks to go, but would be nice to hear some experiances of what the 2 week induction is all about.
  3. MPS Pay

    Thanks Morek54. That makes total sense and in fact that would actually be the best case scenario for me. I used to get paid like that when i worked on the Railway.
  4. MPS Pay

    Just trying to get my head around this. I am transferring to the MET, starting on the 22nd April. I am aware the MPS get paid on the 20th of each month. Therefore come payday on the 20th May, will i get a full months pay. (Not including overtime, as i know that works out different and minus the 2 days) Or would i get paid for the 22nd April to the 30th April and then get a full months pay on June 20th for the month of May.
  5. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    I will have to do some bill juggling at the end of May. Only got 12 Shifts left to do
  6. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Oh ok so that makes more sense. So hopefully when i get my 1st pay in May, i should get nearly a whole month, albeit a basic month with no OT.
  7. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    So just to confirm. It is Monthly pay on or around the 20th of every Month. With a changing day each month (Pay Run Day) that you get paid anything you have worked prior to the pay run day. Any Idea what date that will be for Mays Pay ?
  8. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Ohhhh, I never even considered about a different pay date, I assumed it was standard and would be the same as my current force of the last working day of every month. On that, is there a separate cut off date. EG In my current force, what you work in March you get paid at the end of March. If i start on the 22nd April, does that mean i will get almost a full months pay on the 20th May. This is really going to mess my direct debits & standing orders up.
  9. Think before you type....

    I will be sending every email as restircted then from now on.
  10. Hi Dirkster, Just wanted to say welcome back. Not heard of you around the forums for a while. Nice to see old faces, so to speak. :smiley_notworthy:
  11. Think before you type....

    I just used the same example when discussing this with a colleague :)
  12. Think before you type....

    Maybe if the officer put a happy smiley after the girl pulled through, it would not have been taken, in my opinion, completly out of context. I am sure that officer had no bad intentions at all towards the girl or family, but i can see how someone out of the service would take it. It is scary though how an email from one officer to another actually got included in the FOI legislation and was able to be disclosed to the family.
  13. Transferring from the Met up North... any chance!?

    I transferred North a few years back. On that ocassion i phoned several forces in the North West and asked to be put through to recruitment. None of them were advertising at the time, but following on from my phone calls i got sent 3 applications from 3 different forces who had transferee places available but were not advertising at the time, but doing so by word of mouth from current serving officers with that force and officers like myself phoning up. So it can't hurt to give tham a call and you might be lucky. Good Luck.
  14. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Glad of that Gripper. We normally end up working 12 hours anyway, so rather do that on OT than normal hours I'm still hoping to be on some form of forward rotating pattern, that is when they decide what dept. i will be joining.
  15. Met transferee/rejoiner interview

    Going from personal experiance (Not Fact) When i transfered up North a while back. I enquired about freezing my pension and not paying in for a year or so to help out financially. On that ocassion i was told that if i did that, i would join on the new pension scheme once i restarted paying in again. I think the same with transferring, if we have a break in service, of even just a day. It messes up pension and i think we have to join the new scheme. Which is why we leave old force at 2359 and officially start with new force at 0000. In any case all changing in 2015 to mess everything up, but then that is another fiasco all together. In short i think you may have to join the newer scheme.