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  1. Hang in there Dirkster. But not literraly, things aint that bad yet buddy.
  2. I will be sending every email as restircted then from now on.
  3. I just used the same example when discussing this with a colleague :)
  4. Maybe if the officer put a happy smiley after the girl pulled through, it would not have been taken, in my opinion, completly out of context. I am sure that officer had no bad intentions at all towards the girl or family, but i can see how someone out of the service would take it. It is scary though how an email from one officer to another actually got included in the FOI legislation and was able to be disclosed to the family.
  5. I transferred North a few years back. On that ocassion i phoned several forces in the North West and asked to be put through to recruitment. None of them were advertising at the time, but following on from my phone calls i got sent 3 applications from 3 different forces who had transferee places available but were not advertising at the time, but doing so by word of mouth from current serving officers with that force and officers like myself phoning up. So it can't hurt to give tham a call and you might be lucky. Good Luck.
  6. He certainly lives up to and deserves the title 'The worlds greatest player'
  7. Cheers Jon, but what do that actual letters stand for. The timings are the same throughout the land
  8. What are the different gradings in the MPS. I know timings are national but ive notcied alot of forces call them defferent things. We currently use. Immediate,Urgent,By Arrangement & Telephone Res.
  9. Im guessing the 1966 part of your username does not refer to Bobby Moore lifting the Jules Rimet trophy when we won the world cup then. If you were into Football, who would you follow ?
  10. gossip amongst themselves
  11. In some ways i think the split shift system is a good idea, but like any new initiaitves has its negatives aswell. I do think it is crazy having response teams without response drivers on. So many times i have been to jobs and logisitics with prisoner transports ETC cause a nightmare because of non drivers being on a response shift. Plus the fact if you get crewed with a non driver, you end up driving fot the whole shift and on busy shifts going from immediate to immediate you need a break. Re the shifts, i will just have to wait and see, what Borough i get (If successful) and then work it out from there. To be fair it doesnt matter to much what the start and finsih times are as i live pretty close and have the use of a motorbike if trains/busses are not running. At the end of the day, no doubt they will be up for review Again soon anyway.
  12. Wash your mouth out LOL
  13. It would be interesting to know, if any fans that have no connection to the Police at all, be it no friends or family but still supported the team as it was local to them. Slough Town have got Ed Smith from METPOL FC and he is quality.
  14. with neon lights
  15. Dodecaphonically