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  1. Merseyside Police Special Constabulary

    hi vertrasri passed my interview jst waiting to hear weather its the 20th of jsn or 10th of march till i start might see you soon keep me informed nick
  2. Bulling boots

    dont use he tape... does look smark and neat however your boots should blend in from the toe cap being bulled to a high shine at the end. teaspoon is a good way to build up layers but melting beez-wax is by far the best. achieves high layers (be careful not to use a full bar btw) and provides the foundations to pollish onto once the wax is smoothed out. parade gloss now do a new brand call parade gloss prestige.... avalible on the milltary sites. just remember there is no 1 way to do it.... its all about personal preference and try out different things..... try not to use express buffers though, because once you have slime on your boots its hard to remove and under high intence lights, as used in drill halls, your boots apear blue. last thing.... you'll notice after a while you can only do circles with your finger in one direction.... try changing an you'll see how hard it is to do. for now anyway have fun bulling away cheers nick.
  3. Teenager Dies After Police Chase

    o no, i understand that i must be so hard to find ways 2 prevent innocent M.O.P. being killed. i also know ()through people in my family who are in the job how a member of the publics death due to a chase affects police officers. my point is that we cannot just say "no motobikes are to be chase" or for that matter "any motobike is to be rammed no matter whats happening" HOWEVER we cannot be soft.... if the oppertunity is there an no over innocent person is at risk then 1 little S##t less in this world cant do anyone any harm. they take the risks if you live by the sword and die by it.... you've ony got yourself to blame and it should not be the split second actions of police officers that should be dragged through the mud. its catch 22 but what can we do anyway for now cya laters nick
  4. Teenager Dies After Police Chase

    here here... as a civy if i was robbed for example, and they escaped on a bike id want them chased an locked up by wat ever force it takes they take the risks an from then on their fair game. like other before me have said its just the police i feel sorry for but im sick of the country bowing down to scum anyway rant over nick