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  1. Lewis

    So have TVP just cottoned on then and started to demand money for using TVP logo's or have they just bumped up the premium because they're broke?
  2. Lewis

    Just watching the latest episode and noticed that they have Oxfordshire Police plastered everywhere and they refer to themselves as such. I'm sure, but not definite, that they used to be TVP. Why would they change it?
  3. Crime fiction writers

    I am a huge fan of Lincoln Rhyme novels by Jeffrey Deaver. I think the fact that he is confined to a bed/chair makes it even compelling a read.
  4. National Service

    I think voluntary national service is called the Army.
  5. Modern Warfare 2

    Who's going to review it for us then? Ive yet to play it, its still sealed at home.
  6. Northamptonshire 2009 Starts

    I dont really know about Apple's version. I may print mine out just in case it doesnt work on their pc's, just to be safe.
  7. police officer convicted of shoplifting Clearly shows him in "action"
  8. police officer convicted of shoplifting

    What a pillock.
  9. Northamptonshire 2009 Starts

    Im gonna use powerpoint because I think that my voice will be boring as hell so visual stimulation will help immensly. Im just hoping that my Office XP version of powerpoint will work on the forces pcs.
  10. Surely the test itself is enough. If the testees (no jokes) fail, no driving for them. If they pass, what does it matter who taught them, they are, by definition and qualification, qualified to drive.
  11. Modern Warfare 2

    Failbox360? Nah. Ive had five of them and that did enough for me to convert to the PS3. Saying that, the 360 controller is far better than the sixaxis.
  12. Modern Warfare 2

    I cant stand using a keyboard and mouse. Im aware that its more responsive, its just doesnt feel right. I like a controller and a sofa.
  13. Modern Warfare 2

    Ive yet to play it as Im at work, so I dont know how good it is. Im also half tempted not to play it as I start next week and Ive got a lot to prep for.
  14. Northamptonshire 2009 Starts

    Im not sure, but given there is what, 18 to 19 starters, It may take a couple of days