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  1. Westmids

    Massively respect the job that specials do, especially given the voluntary factor, certainly how the job is now, an they are integral to a successful police service...however in my experience which is all seved as a regular officer (granted no experience of being a special), the roles do vary, and the jobs that get sent to are largely different. It may just be my force and specific area that this occurs, but most domestics, immediate responses and genuine disorders are covered by the shift, so to say its 'exactly the same job' in principle is false. Willing to accept that there will be exceptions to this, and I am speaking through only my personal experience.
  2. Ice man is right he is leaving. You will get a start date as he says, just be prepared for a bit of a wait
  3. Currently in the job, started June 2009. Afraid to say but from what i have heard from fairly reliable sources, recruitment could take a long, long time now. It took me almost 2 years.
  4. I think its the wait that everyone has been through all ready, and the potential of more waiting if we do fail thats the big thing! Im sure most reasonably fit people should be able to do it fairly easily, its just pressure brings mistakes unforunately and as Sharan says its mistakes that get people nervous etc. Fingers crossed everyone will pass first time. Anyways see you tomorrow and good luck. Brum
  5. Ill be there on the 1st Rachel. Well, if i can negotiate round the traffic at that time i will be! You prepared well? Cheers, Brum
  6. Anyone ever failed medical for colour blindness

    Matt I went for a West Mids medical the other month. I am colour blind when it comes to the spots test (Ishihara or something i believe), however this is weird as i never have a problem when it comes to anything else (i.e colours in everyday life, even fairly complex shades and colour patterns etc). When i say im colour blind by the test results, i literally couldn't see one of the two numbers if there were two in the circle of dots on the sheet! I answered 2 or something and she then replied with yes and how about the other number - which was quite embarrasing I presume this must vary force by force, but the occ health nurse just said that it would hinder me joing armed response or traffic police and passed me. So i would be very surprised if they failed you completely on this. Let us know how the results at the opticians go and good luck with it. Brum
  7. Guys, As title of topic suggests, i have damaged ligaments in one of the fingers on my right hand. I have tried surgery to try to re-set the ligaments, but this didnt work and the ligaments set again in the same way, so my finger has a big arch in it basically. I can move it almost a full range, i just cant straighten it, so really the only negative is aesthetic. I have my medical coming up fairly soon, and was wondering if anyone else has been in the same or a similar position, and do people think this may cause a problem. I also declared it on all the medical forms. Ta
  8. Congratulations on the medical dates, surely not long to go for you now. Can i be nosy and ask when you passed your A/C? Just interested what the timscales were for you, im having background checks done now, my personal referees definately replied early last week.
  9. West Mids Vetting,

    Righto, guessing im going to have get better at waiting! Cheers for the info. Hope its sooner rather than later for you guys.
  10. West Mids Vetting,

    Hi All, Thought this thread was a good opportunity to gauge a few timescales for West Mids. I passed my A/C in July, sent my security q's and reply form to access my medical history early August. I rang recruitment this morning on an unrelated matter (updating details), and was told the occupational health forms/checks were sorted at the start of this month but further checks hadn't began. Just wondering what the timescales for others who have gone through the process for West Mids were, or if people who had the a/c around the same date (24th July) had heard any more? I.e fitness & or medical dates. Cheers.
  11. WMP

    Ok mate good luck with the rest of the process, if you want any hints or tips on the a/c let me know, although cant say too much, and you probably can get all ill have to say already on this site!
  12. WMP

    I applied in dec 2007, passed ac in july 2008. Think its solely done on when your paper sift gets accepted and dates allocated on that basis, although i dont know for sure. Im still awaiting medical and fitness dates, think it may be a long wait from posts on a different thread!