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  1. Stu, I have a few questions which i hope you will be able to answer or at least provide an insight. Can you inbox me. For some reasons i am unable to message you. Thanks Lee
  2. Northumbria police fitness test

    lol I def have that first day of school feeling. All set now though. See you all in the morning
  3. Northumbria police fitness test

    I'm all set ready to go yea, the nerves are gradually creeping in as it draers closer. Just have to take tings as they come though. James, looks like we'll be working together then. Apparently 4 from the whole intake are being sent to sunderland area command.
  4. Northumbria police fitness test

    All ready to go then. good stuff. I did a dry run to durham today and it only took me 20 mins, better than i had thought.
  5. Northumbria police fitness test

    I've been given Sunderland. I'm just glad it's a city centre really. All set for monday?
  6. Northumbria police fitness test

    Hi All, Did you receive a letter today telling you of your Area command?
  7. Northumbria police fitness test

    Hi all, I picked up mine too, Good to meet a few of the guys there this morning. I got a call from a Sgt this avo telling me i'm in his team and where i'll be working from. Turns out he only lives around the corner from me and drinks in the same pubs too!!
  8. Northumbria police fitness test

    Entertainers.. When and how did they get in touch? I hope it is only for the ceremony lol.
  9. Northumbria police fitness test

    Good stuff, I'll def have the extra kit in the car just incase. not long to go now guys. cant wait to get started :-)
  10. Northumbria police fitness test

    Does anyone know what we are expected to turn up in or bring with on day 1 seems as our induction pack is talking about the white shirts etc?
  11. Northumbria police fitness test

    Yea its exacly wear Entertainers has said. I was onlt in there for about 30 mins so not that long. Seeing myself in the uniform for the first time was strange but a great feeling :-)
  12. Northumbria police fitness test

    Yea, I can only see it a plus.alot easier to keep looking its best. My new boots are rock hard. Going to need some serious breaking in before we start.
  13. Northumbria police fitness test

    I got given everything apart from cs container. I opted for the long sleeve lycra only because i've tattoo's on forearms, however she wasnt concerned either way if i took long or short. I wasnt given any white shirts, as stated in our pack we are to wear them on the first day, i was told we are the first intake that will not be having them. I'll be giving recruitment a call next week to see what kit we are expected to turn up in. my boots have arrived today too so i'm all set and ready to go. :-)
  14. Northumbria police fitness test

    Hi all, I picked up my uniform today, Just waiting for my boots to arrive then all set to go :-)
  15. Northumbria police fitness test

    Fantastic news Bobby. Looking forward to meeting you on 27th!