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  1. Ammo I fully understand this but honesty is the best policy, if they had said when the cuts got made that our assessments would only last two years and it would only be fair to start everyone again we could have accepted it. It was the personally getting us all in one room promising no matter how long it takes you will stay in the process and if at start date you will have to resit a medical, fitness and vetting. I could handle that but to then turn round 5 years later and say actually your ass only lasts 2 years is a farce....they knew all along. And then to say join the specials as it's likely to help you get in and use us for free is not fair. I also would have appreciated a we apologise for not updating you through the process and this must be disappointing but we really hope you apply again especially after sticking with us...instead we got a good luck should you choose to apply again. Rant over....I will be applying again and that's because it's all I've wanted but I honestly think it could have been handled alot better.
  2. UPDATE LETTER about recruitment

    I'm probably going to still apply just to answer the what if, I can't not after all this time. Although I'm a tad confused by the NVQ 3 thing? I'm guessing if I have a degree that still counts?! It is little infuriating when you read comments on the Facebook post with them replying to people saying only a handful of people passed everything anyway. Theres me thinking it was 250, pretty big handful!
  3. I just got my letter throught the post about recruitment....if you havent got yours yet I apologise for being the bearer of bad news. On the 4th Feb the PCC will announce recruitment will start in april 2014. For those that were in the process previously we will need to start again, no promises have been kept, its back to the start. assesments only last two years and therefore we are all out of date. If im honest i would have been happier if they had told me that in the start instead of saying they would keep the scores indefinitely. So there will be an online process at the begining of april or we can register our interest when the recruitment site goes live in April. I personally like the good luck with your application should you choose to apply bit at the end. It would have been nice to say apologies youve been waiting so long but we really hope you apply again....... blurrgghhh signed from a bitter, dissapointed, fed up, no longer valid recruit. will i wont i thats the next question....
  4. Human Resorces update

    So according to the HR update 7th jan its states they expect a high level of interest in recruitment as its been 4 years since they last recruited and they need younger officers and officers from BME communities. They also hope by recruiting they will bring in a high calibre of candidates? So do you think this means its all starting from scratch?! Anyone heard from recruitment about those of us in the freeze?? weve been sacked off havent we!
  5. Hi Gary, yes im one of the 200/250. i shall be keeping my eyes very much open on the 5th, will be interesting to see what they do! yet again more speculation rather than answers. Maybe thats why the update email never surfaced
  6. I reckon they have 1 of 3 options. 1) They get in touch with the 200/250 that were at start date and offer them to come through the process, completing medical and fitness again. 2) They offer it internally to staff facing redundancy /PCSO's or specials. 3) They offer it out to everyone and we all start from scratch. Either way I for one would be masively hacked off if the people at start date dont get first refusial considering they promised us we would be able to stay at the same stage as what we are now. I predict a big amount of fuss if they make us all start again. It also doesnt look good that they are also including transferees in the first lot that could go through in the 2014/2015 intake.
  7. Update email 30/06/12

    Got it from the PCC website on the details about the budget report!
  8. Update email 30/06/12

    I give up.........RELEASING POLICE OFFICERS FOR OPERATIONAL DUTIES 12. There are currently 101 budgeted police officer posts vacant as a result of a higher than anticipated number of resignations and retirements (in excess of Regulation A19 numbers). As things currently stand it would not be appropriate to recruit to those vacancies and continue to apply Regulation A19, which is necessary to meet overall savings budgets in 2013/14. Following detailed reviews of working practices and the introduction of new ways of working, it will be possible to create approximately 100 new police staff posts by disestablishing police officer posts, creating opportunities to release up to 100 police officers to more operational duties. This is cost effective and good value for money because it creates additional operational resilience and provides redeployment opportunities for existing police staff employees who would otherwise be made redundant, thereby saving redundancy costs
  9. Update email 30/06/12

    This makes interesting reading!! Is this a direct reply to you or a general comment?
  10. Update email 30/06/12

    Notice BPP has been scrapped.....the start of good news!!
  11. Update email 30/06/12

    Hey guys, I'm one of the few waiting for a start date also. Heard rumours about it starting up in April as they will have saved enough by then. We are stretched on the south...had to give 40 officers to C&W as they didn't have enough after CI & they think they may need to give a further 30 in jan. I work with the dogs once a month and even they are stretched!' I've heard a lot about this bob jones! He wants to get his name on hear to get some votes. If there's a chance he brings in some good ideas and reformes aswell as re starting recruitment ill vote for him! May need to take a look at his plans!!!
  12. Update email 30/06/12

    Called recruitment today, gave me the line no new updates we don't foresee any recruitment next update will be next financial year April 2013. Asked if they might recruit from specials and pcso's like at least 10 other forces have done and was told we don't know anything we don't foresee us recruiting ! Give up!
  13. Update email 23/01/12 A slightly positive note in the above article.... "On the positive side, he said, many forces had started recruiting again, or would continue to do so in the next financial year."
  14. West Mids Recruitment Updates

    west mercia are only taking internal apps.......west mids said they dont see themselves doing that but you never know. theyve just been granted £11m hopefully from the government for the riots but that will wipe out all that money on paying the o/t bill. im holding out till april se what happens then.
  15. West Mids Recruitment Updates

    Not a thing, in one conversation he said nothing till 2013 then 20min later when I mentioned ringing west Mercia and them saying they would poss accept me as a transfer if they opened externally he said it could be later on in the year and not to give up yet! There's the carrot again dangling away!!