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  1. Thats fantastic news bassman! i bet you were really shocked! the best news ive had for a while, youve made my day! maybe like lucy says there is hope and if things are changing week on week we might be a little bit closer than we all think! Keep us updated with what happens next! Im sooo jealous!
  2. hey torch i did mine on the 5th of october for the 2nd time and passed! these were my time scales below for how long i had to wait, but i honestly think it depends on how many people are infront of you or how far your application is. 28/5 medical 13/7 - 1st fitness 05/10 - 2nd fitness My medical was @07:30 and lasted about 2 hours, all depends again on your personal medical history. the fitnes is @ 08:30, well both of mine have been at that time, finishes about midday 1 0clock again depending on how many are in the group. you get a chance to practice the course do a warm up and then you all go in individually, blacked out windows so no need to worry about people seeing your running style! one piece of advice, work hard on your fitness and go in with the attitude that you dont get another chance to do it again, that way you pass first time. trust me you do not want to go through the pain of doing it again and then having to wait to do it! I personally think the WMP fitness test is alot more accurate than the bleep test. You will be fine, train hard, work on sprinting and you'll pass no probs! ive got no idea on waiting time for fitness tests at the mo, best to ring recruitment, ive already been told its gunna be a long wait till i get my start date which is abit gutting, but im sure it will be worth the wait!