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  1. Well thats the first proper day at Tulliallan over. And what a day it has been!!! And the food has been good....well i think so!! I'm in Class B4!!!! And everyone seems really nice. Will update later as right now im off to the Copper Lounge for a drink!!! :)
  2. Well less than 2 weeks to go and we'll all be at Tulli!!! Still Excited and Nervous at the thought, but i suppose thats usual!! I thought i was going to miss the first day at nelson street on the 19th as i had a citation to appear at court as a witness for the procecution, due to my previous job!!! But have received the letter saying the trial has been put off...AGAIN!!! But im glad i wont miss my first day. Got all my kit list now...and the bank balance shows it!!!! LOL. Can anyone advise if we need to bring writing pads etc? Also is there a bank machine on the grounds or is it best just to take money with you?? When is pay day? Places i have worked before have pay day on the 25th of the month or the 28th. Even the last friday of the month? I know us newbie wont have a full pay by end of october as we will only have started on the 19th. But it would be useful to know? If someone could advise tha would be great. How is everyone else feeling? Anyone else starting at Nelson Street on the 19th? Looking forward to seeing our uniforms!! Is it true we get PE on the monday we arrive at Tulli? And how many times a week do we get PE? I see by the timetale we got for nelson street we have PE twice next week. Looking foward to that!! Roll on Monday!!
  3. Yeah it did feel great receiving my contract...mind you got a phone call last thursday asking me how I was getting on with my contract and when I would be sending it back?? I was like I posted it on the 18th September...the day after I received it. Due to the postal strike it hadn't been received at recruitment. And mines wasn't the only one. Apparently 4 people never even received theirs!!! So one thing I will say, if you have to send things to recruitment. Then hand deliver them to Woodhill House. Stace
  4. Ok def not worried now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol What is the accomodation like in Caelaverock?? What time do you arrive on the monday at college? And what does the first day entail? Looking forward to being one of the new kids!!!!!!!
  5. Hiya, After your fitness you will be told if you have passed your fitness...which you should. It's not as bad a people think. Then there is an application review, which basically is when the recruiters and senior officers get together and talk about how each applicant has done throughout the process....dont worry bout this its just procedure. Although on the day of my fitness the recruitment officer said people have got to this part and failed. Scary i know, but dont worry. I had my fitness on 2/9/09 and got the phone call on 9/9/9....(how weird) So within a week of you doing your fitness you should know!! Yeah we got told that new recrts would hav to wait until Jan as they have cut the november intake. Good luck, let me know how you get on and if you need anymore info/advise just let me know. Hopefully see you at Tulli in January.
  6. OMG, not long to go!!! Still trying to find plain black shorts??? Anyone joining Grampian know of any shops in aberdeen that have plain black shorts for females? I have seen black shorts for fitness, but theyeither have white stripes down the sides or a logo at the bottom of the shorts. Can't wait to see everyone at Nelson Street on the 19th, and even more excited to see everyone at Tulliallan on the 26th!!! Anymore advise on what will be happening on the 26th for when us newbies arrive?? Stace
  7. What's the wooden ruler for?? Haven't heard bout that?
  8. They are now!!! Lol :). Can't wait. I'm going out to get the rest of my kit list this weekend!!! I bought a pair of Magnums to wear to class and Shoes for Parade/Inspection. Is that what everyone has done?? Some people have said that i should buy two pairs of Shoes and wear one for Class and one for Parade?? But thought Magnum Boots would be just as good for Class. Looking forward to the 19th, and getting to Nelson Street. Think by the 25th i will be vomitting with nerves for the monday morning!! :)
  9. Well im starting with Grampian on the 19th October at Nelson Street, then the 26th at Tulli!!!!! Cant wait, looking forward to meeting everyone from the different forces at Tulli. Should be good. Anyone elses starting from grampian?? Im going to the Moray Area for my posting. Just waiting to get fitted for my uniform...that will be good!! Look forward to seeing you all at Tulli and doing our runs together!! Stace
  10. Hiya, just got word that i have passed my medical...finally after 2 monthst of waiting on word!!! Only 1 more hurdle to go and thats the fitness!!! :) A bit nervous, i'm joining Grampian Police an was wondering if anyone who has done the fitness for Grampian can tell me what it was like?? And if the fitness goes well, i have been given the intake date of the 19th October!!! So excited and nervous at the same time. Have been wanting to be be a police officer since i was 5, am 23 now and just hope that getting to this stage i don't fail...so any advice would be grateful. And hopeully i will be seeing somoyou at Tully in october!!! Stace x
  11. Yep, not that fussed when it comes to food!!! Stace x Don't know what to reply to that answer, as i have many things going through my mind to that response!!! LOL!! :shhh: Lisa i know you are odd, but that's makes you who you are...and i'm glad to call you a friend...also a scudo to cornhill...LOL Stace x
  12. LOL...Excellent that is a good one to remember Stace x
  13. Yeah the ones you get in Aberdeen Sheriff Court are!!!! Lol I would have to say that Chicken, Cheese, Ham, Lettuce, Bacon, Roast Beef or Pork, Coleslaw, Salad Cream and Tuna are great filling for Sandwiches. Another favourite of mines is Haggis and Salad Cream!!! Yummy Stace x
  14. Me too!!! So that does explain alot now!!!!!
  15. Fit like Everyone!! I have just sent my application into Grampian Police, just waiting to hear back. Good news about my pal Lisa08 tho...Tulliallan be prepared!!! Work won't be the same with out you hun...we are all missing you already Look out for her on the streets of Buckie in a few months people.... Stace x