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  1. Yeah, because none of us swear? You're from Manchester yet find swearing disgusting, ha. The OP has long left the forum for me to bother giving advice, but I certainly wouldn't be going down the route of attacking his parenting skills. I've seen plenty of teenagers go down the wrong path despite perfectly good upbringings. Sometime's they fall off into the wrong crowd and want to rebel against a loving family. It's difficult for any parent to do anything about that.
  2. And can you blame him? I'm a serving Officer and think some of the responses to the OP here are disgusting. I come back for a quick browse and then remember why I left. Often is the case that this forum does damage to the relationship between public and Police.
  3. TVP PCSO arrested while on duty...

    This was dealt with almost a year ago. Believe his lower reading was 67, just under twice the limit. He had recently lost his best friend and was struggling with some home issues, but so is everyone when they're standing in the box.
  4. Crown court in the morning

    I wear a suit, go straight to court, go straight home after. I don't wave my ID about and certainly don't wander around with blue files under my arm.
  5. Another classic example of the public becoming less and less able to look after themselves. Delete Facebook. Solved.
  6. Kit belt assembly

    On one of those ZT metal key holder things.
  7. Radio Earpieces

    Same again. With the slightly moulded earpiece, or the noise isolating one if doing public order stuff.
  8. Some questions about boots

    *cough* Adidas *cough*
  9. Perhaps if you didn't go so off topic then you'd know. Read the opening post. 'He' is this arse:
  10. Firearms knee & elbow pads

    These 5.11 knee pads put inside their TDU trousers are pretty good.
  11. Not sure you can if it still has a contract on it. Well, you can, but you would have to pay off the total bill. Traffic Rat has covered most of it. The reason they kept the phone itself is because that was the device used to take the photographes and as such is evidence. A not guilty plea or committal to trial (crown court) would need every bit of evidence possible.
  12. Christ people post some rubbish on here. Why would a PC just say, "yeah you're talking crap love" after a call like this? There is either more to it, or you're lying,
  13. I bet you're the life of the party at your work.
  14. Can you imagine the monies wasted if we pursued a perverting charge on everyone that lied to us? Get real.
  15. New Series of Coppers

    Another pointless, noncontributable post from an anonymous new member, whose aim is to offend and argue.