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  1. Comms officer training

    Great question, I've been wondering the same thing. I know when training for another police role they pulled out all the stops to help you through (including hopping back a class if necessary), but the wording on some Comms officer vacancy ads (e.g. MPS and Kent) sounds a little like they could send you on your way if you don't pass everything first time...
  2. Kent Communications Officers - a few questions?

    Nope, not mentioned on their site, recruiter was unsure :/
  3. Kent Communications Officers - a few questions?

    Wow, I didn't realise there was that much of a disparity in call volume! But surely Kent can't be so easy and relaxed that they don't get any shift allowance (I understand they're still 24/7) and don't even scratch £20k in their first year? It is a shame, in general the police forces should be better rewarded...
  4. Hello all, Thinking of applying to join Kent as a comms officer. 1) Money definitely isn't everything and I know police force finances have taken a hit, but is the advertised £19-20k salary really the full salary that this tough role pays? I've called recruitment but they weren't sure either! If it is it's hardly fair - shift + flexibility + location allowances bump up Met Comms officers to around £30k. 2) Can anyone provide an insight into what it's like doing the role at Maidstone? Morale, staff respect etc. Really big thanks to anyone who can help!!
  5. When is the MET next recruiting?

    I've just noticed there's a new notice at the bottom of the Metcareers PCSO section: "If you are interested in becoming a Police Community Support Officer you will have until the 27th May 2009 to submit your application to become a PCSO."
  6. PCSO start date 29th May?

    Hi, I'll be there at Hendon too. They told me we'll get the start packs 4 weeks before the start date. Looking forward to it!
  7. Hi there Does anyone have any words of wisdom as to how they successfully survived the Met's Foundation Training Course? I'm really enthusiastic about this but am finding the amount we need to get through extremely daunting. How are we supposed to learn everything in those big fat binders? Another issue is the fact I have a ~2hr (each way) commute to Hendon, but I'm working on that. Even with a significantly more convenient location and improved time management, it will nevertheless be frighteningly heavy going. If I had a god I would be praying like crazy ahead of the January exams, ELS exam and OST exam... I'm thinking somebody must have survived otherwise the course would be somewhat pointless! I just want to know how you did it and/or if you have any words of wisdom for newbies [edit: please excuse the slightly nonsensical title. It is, however, an apt reflection of how shattered i am]
  8. letter to david cameron

    I don't know about everyone else on here, but reading this send chills down my spine more than anything: We have proposed performance-related pay: The complexity and demands of modern policing require a professional workforce that is flexible. I am sure this would smash any shards of morale left in the police forces of the UK. To measure performance you need, of course... more targets! Policing surely shouldn't be made any more reactive than it already is. I was contemplating voting conservative at the next election... but this has underlined in my mind that labour are very much the lesser of two evils.
  9. Policeman faces death,

    those officers are a real credit to the uniform. watching this is a proper reality check for people who are thinking of joining or have just started training, it's the side of police work that doesn't seem to get much attention. if this doesn't put you off, i think it's a positive indication of your motivations to sign up. for the record i'm still very much up for it.
  10. MET start date Nov 17th -

    I called up to check up on my references progress, apparently they've all cleared and I should be getting a call v.soon offering Nov 17th start I'm hoping to work in Hammersmith & Fulham if they have available vacancies. Can't wait, it's gonna be a tough couple years of probation...hopefully there will be a good camaraderie to help pull through. seeya there
  11. Failed my driving test!!

    unlucky mate, but you've got a long way to go before you can come close to my record - somewhere around 7, but i stopped counting after my fourth unsuccessful test for the sake of my own self-esteem. got there eventually though, taught me the ultimate lesson in perseverance. ironically that was the test where my instructor's car broke down just before the test and i had to do it in some funny old corsa i'd never driven before keep checking the booking section on the DSA website (on an hourly basis if possible), more often than not there will be a cancellation so you should be able to grab a re-test within the next week or two. trust me i have substantial experience in the area of booking driving tests! i found that chewing some gum was a good way to ease the nerves and divert focus from on how many marks the examiner's struck on that damned green sheet of carbon paper... good luck for the next time.
  12. Police Targets

    Hello there I've heard about Kent Constabulary recently abandoning government targets. But I'm keen to understand exactly what targets mean practically in terms of doing the job, as there hasn't exactly been a plethora of information about their nature/context available to officers-in-waiting like me. So I'd like to hear the opinions of better informed people, how big a deal the performance targets they face are - things like... How irritating do you find the police/government targets - does your entire policing life revolve around them? Do they result in officers taking actions that seem contrary to common sense (e.g. arresting people for minor offences when a caution would likely suffice)? Does failure to hit targets have disciplinary consequences for individual officers? Any info on the situation in the Met would be particularly helpful. I really don't like the sound of being in a team where the camaraderie is terminally damaged because of intense competition between officers striving to beat each other in a league table. Thanks loads in advance
  13. Met Intakes - 2008/2009

    I'm hoping for a november 17th start too, that would mark almost exactly a year since I applied! Got everything crossed in the hope my references have all cleared by then - i've already been on a terrifying rollercoaster ride on the way to getting medical clearance I must say i thought blackstones' "preparing for police duty" was an interesting and hopefully useful read. My first choice area to work is hammersmith - what about you guys?