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  1. Or maybe just I. prompt and effective INVESTIGATION. you are investigating a possible drug offence, or have reasonable grounds to investigate possibly?
  2. Oh yes. I'd consider something that does not involve working with young or vulnerable people.
  3. I live 40 mins away from where I work so I minimise the risk of being recognised when I am out with my partner and children.
  4. Cheers sykes.
  5. A warrant gets issued for their arrest.
  6. Hmmmmm I am curious about our force seen as we definitely dont have over 10000 officers yet my an alot of other people in my force have 5 pin numbers
  7. I thought its gone national now? Everyone seems to be getting 5 pin collar numbers now
  8. This just proves she has no clue as what she is talking about. Anyone with half an idea knows how much of a great tool stop and search is if its used properly. Can't wait to see what uncle tom has to say about the subject
  9. As simon says, wr have a number for solicitors if they do not have their own. Or failing that we can arrange a voluntary interview at the station at a later date.
  10. I'am sure it couldnt hurt to throw in a caution +3 at the star to re assure them that they are not under arrest, *don't* have to stop with you (though i believe if they do leave you can arrest for 163 RTA), and they are entitled to free legal advice
  11. There was a question I did recently on robbery that peeved me off! A mum and her baby were walking through the park ( baby in a pram) when a male approached them and said to the mum " Give me all your money or I'll hurt the kid" and then points to her bqby. The mum hands over her money and the male flees. To me that is a robbery because the mother was put in fear of her baby (a third party) being hurt. But apparently because the baby would have had no sense of the danger, it was not a robbery!! I hate exam world!
  12. No not at all, that was very helpful. Thank you for your time. We have a big test coming up so I needed this right in my head :-)
  13. Many thanks morek! So to arrest for a section 4(3) I would need to have witnessed the exchange or have reasonable grounds to suspect one has taken place? And thank you tango oscar :-)
  14. Sorry for being daft but I have just gone over this in class today. Although I had a good understanding of it before I left the classroom, I have just started looking over my notes and suddenly I am struggling to see the real difference. Could one of you guys be kind enough to help? I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section :-)
  15. The home secretary may have veto-ed it before it would have even became a reality because as you know she does have that power.