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  1. Wondering if anyone who is currently up at Tulliallan can let me know what I should expect on Tuesday? Any tips? Cheers Paul
  2. First wage?

    I start with Lothian and Borders on the 10th March and was just wondering if we will get a wage on the 15th March? Cheers
  3. Police shoes or boots

    I'm due to start with Lothian and Borders on the 10th March and was just wondering if we need 2 pairs of shoes or boots from day one or whether a second pair can be bought at a later date? Cheers
  4. Tulliallan

    I'm due to head up to Tulliallan the week beginning the 16th March and was just wondering whether the accomodation and food etc is deducted from our wage? Any idea what the meals are like? I was going to take a drive up this weekend to get to know the route and was wondering too if someone there would possibly see me for a quick chat if I was to call? Cheers Paul
  5. Parking at Fettes in Edinburgh

    That's great, thanks for all your help guys Cheers
  6. Parking at Fettes in Edinburgh

    Thanks for your reply Gary Any idea what I may pay to park for the day? Cheers
  7. I am due to start with L&B on the 10th March and the first week is spent at Fettes. I always used public transport when I was required to go through during the application process and was just wondering if anyone can suggest where to park? Cheers
  8. Tulliallan March intake

    I was accepted with Lothian and Borders before christmas, have been told I'll be the March intake but still waiting for my confirmation letter. Any idea when and where I get my boots? Also, what is the schedue? Is it first week at Fettes then starting at college the following? Cheers Paul
  9. Tulliallan March Intake

    I've been told I'm almost certain to be a March start date, however, still waiting for the letter to come through Is anyone doing any preparation beforehand? Cheers
  10. Been advised that it looks like a March start. Got the number for the police store to arrange a uniform fitting and have been asked to take a payslip from my current employer through to Fettes. For some reason, posting it Recorded Delivery wasn't acceptable!!
  11. Just to let you know I passed my final interview on Tuesday, although the nerves almost got the better of me. I want to thank all those that have posted replies to my various questions, may not have got there without you. Ballack, have a look at the replies posted earlier in the thread and you will find everything you need for the home interview. I would advise just to read up on the current operations, i.e. Floorwalk, Gladiator, Excalibur and Unight, and give good examples to competancy based questions. Cheers
  12. Pretty nervous about the final interview on Tuesday and was just wondering if you can give me an idea what questions you were asked? Cheers
  13. Thanks for all the help and advice. I was just wondering where I may find out the details of the operations in each division currently? Cheers
  14. Thanks for that post, it was a great help and I passed my home interview today. Any tips or advice for the final panel interview? Cheers
  15. The fitness takes place after the SET, if you pass it that is. It involves a mile and half run around a local park and a test of upper body on the push/pull machine. If you have any questions just let me know. Cheers