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  1. GMP Assessment Centre

    Did it let you book on for a date?
  2. Talking Blues

    Hi All, Has anyone been on a talking blues course recently? I am considering attending one. Any good?
  3. I got offered the 5th but I could not make it so I was told I will be on the next lot of AC which will run later on in the year. I take it you are on the AC week commencing the 3rd October?
  4. I am awaiting an assessment centre date having already passed the phone interview. Any one else waiting for the SEARCH assessment date?
  5. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    who have joined?
  6. North Wales Police Recruitment May 2013

    marcpaul - how did the appeal go?
  7. North Wales Police Recruitment May 2013

    people who have applied in september have AC in december then final interview in jan and some of these will start in March. 18 in an intake. did you lot all have to provide references prior to attending AC?
  8. Transferee's

    stay in merseyside - grass is not always greener on the other side.
  9. merseyside police recruitment

    does anyone know when the AC dates are scheduled for?
  10. merseyside police recruitment

    anyone applied heard anything back yet?
  11. Has anyone heard anything about external recruitment for merseyside police opening soon? I have heard it may happen soon but was hoping maybe an internal staff member may have information on when this may open. I am aware they have run internal recruitment a couple of times with normal recruitment resuming due to falling officer numbers.
  12. Decided I want to leave the Police

    Try contacting law firms about positions. Some are really keen to take on ex police officers. Skills such as statement taking and interviewing are highly sought after. You may have to take a pay cut though at first. I take it you are with the met? Scousejon - how many from your intake are still in the job? Have any left, transferred etc Good luck!
  13. New Starters

    No worries. What did they say with regards to recruitment?