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  1. Hi All, Has anyone been on a talking blues course recently? I am considering attending one. Any good?
  2. Try contacting law firms about positions. Some are really keen to take on ex police officers. Skills such as statement taking and interviewing are highly sought after. You may have to take a pay cut though at first. I take it you are with the met? Scousejon - how many from your intake are still in the job? Have any left, transferred etc Good luck!
  3. When in training school we had this scenario on a role play with one of the trainers. Car was parked up with trainer inside acting the person who had been stopped. He would not get out of his car and would not wind down the window. This role play was just a general stop of a car (you can stop any car on a road that you like - no reason needed). He gave us his details which we checked - all in order - vehicle was all in order - and then we gave him a stop form and that was that. This video should have been a simple stop. Officer said he saw him doing a handbrake turn so stops the vehicle. We have no power to ask them to get out of the car whatsoever. However, if he does not provide all the necessary details needed to complete the necessary check to enable action to be taken, ie, FPN or SUMMONS then you would arrest. Unable to abtain details! As soon as you had all the information needed then de-arrest straight away. Then he can go on his way. Of course the caution should be used as and when - ie, when first stopped and at the end etc. Just my view.
  4. Hey Matt, tried sending you a message but it seems your inbox is full - how are you? Colin

  5. Hi Which force are you joining? The fitness test is nothing to worry about - 5.4 is achievable as long as you train for it. I think i had to take the fitness test 3 times during my time in training - imho it is a waste of time. We carried onto as far as we could go, although some forces stop you at 5.4. You will be fine- the law learning is a mix of you studying and how good your trainers are. OST is fun. In my last force i was doing the foundation degree - total waste of time. Costs loads for the force to enroll you on it and apart from a certificate at the end of it you get nothing from it. Instead of putting all of your efforts into learning your trade on the streets you have to also focus on this degree as if you fail it you will be dismissed. Not all forces do the degree though so you maybe ok. Overall training is good fun - just wait until you do traffic! Good luck.