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  1. Hi mate, I'm still waiting a start date so can't really comment on what the social life within the police is like, or how it'll affect your existing social life. However, having just completed my degree I wouldn't reccomend leaving uni for the police at this stage. Similar to yourself, I decided early on in my original course that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in front of a computer screen, hence I managed to switch myself onto a less technical course within the department so if you're really disliking your course, this may be something you may wish to look into. There may be courses in other departments which may even take you on at this stage (though with a bit of catching up to do). I applied in Feb of my final year, and it looks like I may not be starting until Jul/Aug next year or beyond. So unless you've got something planned for the next 18 months, it really is worth finishing your course and try applying as you finish your second year. As people have said, at least then if the worst happens and you don't pass first time or later decide the Police isn't for you, you'll have a degree behind you as a backup. Meanwhile use the opportunity of being at uni, and lets face it the sheer amount of free time it gives, to expand your horizons and build up the experiences you'll need for the assessment centre. Do voluntary work in the community; some have suggested being a special, I was part of the university naval unit (there are also army and RAF units) and a youth group, you may already be involved with things through uni; there are plenty of options out there.
  2. How long after day 2 did people get a letter saying they'd passed? I know I have, as obviously I was there and met the required standard (and they said we'd all passed) but I've not heard a peep since. That was just over a month ago.
  3. Hi, I have my fitness and medical with the Met tomorrow and suddenly realised I don't know what they're expecting me to wear. Has anyone done one recently who can tell me if it's a suit and tie occasion or if smart casual (jeans, shirt and shoes) acceptable and what most others were wearing? Cheers
  4. I was also expecting results this week (had my A/C on 19th June as well), when they didn't come in the post I rang them and although the guy didn't go into much detail he did say that there had been a delay in sending them out, I assume due to the postal strike, and that they would be sent this week. He also said that my day 2, if I pass, would not be next week and would likely be either week commencing 27 July or 3 August. Hope that helps.
  5. I posted my application form off to the Met at the end of Feb and still have heard nothing other than the letter saying it was recieved. Since then 2 friends who applied to the same force at roughly the same time have both heard back with a date for their Day 1 Assessment Centre. Just wondering how long I should be waiting before I start thinking about calling recruitment to check up on progress? I've no issues with being patient, I'm just a bit worried just in case the results are lost in the post or they need further info from me or something...
  6. In the same boat there, I sent mine off at the end of Feb for the early march deadline and not heard anything yet either. I went to the open day with a few friends who are also applying, one of whom has been given a date for his day 1. So hopefully shouldn't be much longer to wait.
  7. Dog handling is something I'd like to apply for eventually as well. Are there any particular courses, or other specialisations that are likely to help when you finally do get a chance to apply?
  8. Hi guys, I've noticed quite a few people post on here regarding officers thoughts on policing and related topics. In general the answers seem to have been fairly helpful, so I thought I'd try to take advantage of the knowledge and experience from people actually on the street doing the job. I'm in my final year doing Computing and Society at Portsmouth, and for my study project I'm looking at surveillance technology and its use post 9/11. Obviously as I'm starting off with the recruitment process for the Met the project has a focus on the use by the state (particularly in police forces). As part of the project I'm sending off a few questions to various pressure groups, my local police force (hampshire), the met, and the home office. This post has 2 aims: (1) does anyone know how likely I am to get a reply off home office, hants pol and the met. Plus if anyone knows the best person or office to contact and could let me know that'd be muchly appreciated. (2) Anyones thoughts, opinions, answers etc on the questions (see below) would also be very useful to add into the report. 1. What changes in society have led to the need for increased surveillance technology and related legislation? Are these economic, social, political or purely technical changes? 2. How has improved surveillance technology, and new legislation, changed policing in the last 8 years. 3. To what extent is it plausible to say that citizens are safer from crime and terrorism as a result of these changes? 4. If we were to reduce the amount of surveillance technology employed, or the amount it is used, what are the alternatives? Obviously any comments given will be kept anonymous in the report. References will be made to "a serving police officer". If you prefer to PM me rather than posting on a public forum thats fine. Thanks in advance,
  9. This might be a daft question, but are parade sites where you report for duty at the start of shift within a borough regardless of what station you're posted to? Or is there some other significance? Just curious in relation to borough choices. Should be making sure I can travel to all stations within a particular borough at silly o'clock in the morning in a reasonable time or is it just the parade site that matters?
  10. If many officers live outside of London I'm assuming there are occasions where you'll finish a shift late and there will be no more trains until the following morn. If this happens is there any overnight accomodation at section houses or at your station? Or are shifts worked out so that those who need to get trains can (most of the time)?
  11. My first post on the forum, but this has got me worried. I'm hoping to graduate in May from a 3 year degree and hoping to apply to the met or hampshire. The main problem I can see is people like me, many of whom take degrees to get the "life experience" asked for by the police, can easily have £10,000+ of debt just from their first degree. I certainly would't be able to afford a second degree, and 2 years more years not earning a wage, as no support is available for those doing a second degree. I can see that something needs to be done, the 1 year wait just to submit an application to hampshire shows that. But there's got to be other options, for example higher fitness requirements to pick out those who are willing to put the extra effort in, or the requirement of any degree, as is needed before a Army/Navy/Air Force Officer begins their training. James, you say from your experience this will be introduced soon. Is that to your own force or nationally...and how long away (approx) would you say the "non too distant future" is?