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  1. Recruitment Drive 2010

    Yeah they're done on separate days. I got a phone call with my medical date a few days after passing the fitness test. Had final interview on 23rd Feb, Fitness on 8 March and Medical on 18 March. When was your interview?
  2. Recruitment Drive 2010

    I've had similar experiences to some of the others...though not nearly as bad from the sounds of things. I couldn't apply to Hampshire at all intially because of the freeze, so applied to the Met instead. Ironically got caught in their recruitment hold just as Hants opened up their recruitment. Just had my medical today, with provisional start date (subject to the usual bits) in a couple of months. As others have said, it can be a long old process but bear with it. I get the impression that Hampshire have seen the issues other forces are having with recruitment at the moment so hopefully the process will be a bit smoother for those just starting out. I've not done the induction yet, but they told my group about it at the initial fitness test and said it would be to the same standard. Maybe one of the others can confirm that?
  3. The State of Police Recruitment

    Seconded, I applied in the Feb of my final year, graduated this summer and am only just (hopefully) nearing the final stages of the process. Having only recently done the uni thing, and looking at some of my fellow students, I completely disagree with the idea that a degree should "help the cause of getting in". I've met people through uni who finished with decent degrees but have been in the cacoon of education for so long they have no idea of the real world...I'm not suggesting this is the case for anyone here, however the recruitment team have never met you so won't know either way. Sure being in uni gives you lots of opportunities and time to develop your competencies, and so a very good idea for someone considering a police career, but its very much down to the individual to take those opportunities and doesn't make you any better a candidate than anyone else.
  4. shift patterns

    Aah, I see what you mean, hadn't thought of that potential question...another one to add to my list. Possibly then someone serving in the area might be better placed to answer you as they will have a wider contact with the community than I did as a student. However from observation I didn't see a huge range of cultures in Portsmouth other than the few international students I met. I had friends in Southampton uni and apparently they do have a large Polish community there, but having not lived there I can't comment much beyond that. I've got an observer visit Saturday night in North Hampshire, so I'll ask them then. I noticed that being from another area you've not been able to get on a observer visit so if you've got any other questions feel free to PM me and I'll ask the shift I'm with.
  5. shift patterns

    I'm not an officer, hopefully that's just a matter of time... I have my interview next week too on Tuesday. However as far as diversity goes remember its not limited to culture. There are many forms of diversity, off the top of my head these include culture (race or religion), age, disabilty, gender and sexual orientation all of which are represented in some form somewhere in Hampshire. For example I went to uni in Portsmouth, and during term time there is a very big student population in the city which (generally) consists of a fairly young, 18-22, age group from a wide range of different backgrounds. The same could be said for Southampton which has 2 universities. Hope that helps and maybe gives you a starting point. Good luck with the interview...I may see you there!
  6. Medical Questionaire

    I looked through the form, and there was no mention of childhood illnesses either way. In the end I've put it on just to be sure, and gave a rough age and that there are no lingering effects...can't imagine it would cause any dramas unless I fail the hearing test...and I've already one of those before.
  7. Apologise if this is already covered here, had a quick scan but I'm on teabreak at work so didn't go into much depth. Just filling out medical questionaire with all the tickboxes and had a couple of queries; don't know if anyone has had anything similar... Firstly when I was about 3 I had a ear infection, but that has since cleared and I've no hearing problems, at least I've passed both RNR and MET hearing tests in the last 3 years. Should this be included or is it too long ago to be relevant? Secondly do broken arms/legs etc count under any operations or surgical procedures? As I say these are probably silly questions, but after being in this process so long I don't want to get caught out or add unneccary delays by making silly mistakes. Cheers,
  8. Hampshire Recruitment

    Oh and don't worry about people transferring too much. Everyone, whether they transfer from another force having pased everything or apply with Hampshire from scratch, needs to pass a final interview which they could fail on. Hampshire have also stopped accepting transfers for the time being, I got my forms in only a few days before it closed. So as long as you get a place on the next open day and pass everything they ask you to do then you have just as much chance as anyone else at getting a place (just maybe a bit longer to wait!)
  9. Hampshire Recruitment

    For your information, with Hampshire you have to attend an open day before you can submit an applocation form. There is an open day in February, which was open for bookings just after the New Year. My guess is that they will start arranging the next one after they get an idea of how many applications they recieve from the Feb open day. As the previous poster said do keep checking regularly, and don't give up hope if it takes a while. A friend of mine just about got into the Feb open day, but it was only open a week and there was very high demand so you need to get in quickly.
  10. Transfer

    If you decide to transfer you may need to wait a bit as the recruitment website no longer mentions anything about transferring applications, it was taken down last week. When I rang them to check mine was ok (it had only been delivered the previous day) I was told that they were accepting transfers from people who had already called them, but that would be it for the time being...having said that I've still not got a confirmation letter. I would've thought as they are intending to recruit throughout 2010 they may accept more transfers after they've had the Feb open day.
  11. Transfer

    Thats what I was told to, which force were you going for originally? I was going for the MET originally as Hampshire weren't recruiting during my final year of uni. With all the delays though (2011 as well, and defo not in first half of the year) looks like I might yet be able to get into Hampshire :-D Let me know how the transfer goes, I sent all my papers to them today so fingers crossed won't be long now. Just gotta swot up and work on the fitness again now...
  12. Transfer

    Yeah thats brilliant; better start swotting up I guess. Cheers!
  13. Transfer

    Funnily enough I'm looking at doing the same. I just rang their recruitment dept 5mins ago who told me that I would have to send them a copy of my assessment centre marks, confirmation that I've withdrawn from my previous force and a letter about why I want to transfer. She also said that the interview was a pass fail, so you could quite easily be withdrawing from a current force only to then find yourself failing to get into the new one. I would also be quite interested to know whats involved in this interview if anyone has been through it before.
  14. So am I in??? (Met)

    That could be it...I remember it being said in another thread on this forum about a freeze.