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  1. Does reality of job change your outlook?

    Yes it does change the way you view a lot of things. You will be exposed to things you never knew even happened or only ever saw on television or read in books. You will see and deal with some absolutely abhorrent and horrendous things/people/situations, but you will also see some things that will give you laughs for many years to come. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook on society in general, I am past a year in now and even with my previous CSO experience I find myself thinking the worst of people because of my experiences as a PC. Your colleagues will always carry you through and when you do get a good result for a genuine member of the public it feels brilliant, you won't forget it! Your world view WILL change and you will become less trusting of people. You will also have some bloody good laughs and have a chance to do things that most others will never be able to do. The main thing I can suggest is remember that your family, friends and colleagues will make a huge difference and that can make or break you. I wish you the very best of luck and I am sure you will have a great time (most of the time!)
  2. GOWISELY is hammered in to us all when it comes to searching, particularly it seems to be mentioned when discussing S.1 PACE (which of course must be in a public place. S.23 MDA is fair game to us anytime and anywhere if the grounds exist, there is no specific mention of public or private places mentioned in the legislation. Of course S.19 PACE is one to be aware of as you must be lawfully on the premises in order to physically seize anything, I presume if you are in a position to search somebody then you are lawfully on the premises.
  3. You can only handcuff to prevent injury or escape. If you are going to throw the bracelets on anybody you should be prepared to justify it. Personally I don't always handcuff, on some occasions it has actually kept the situation calm. If I feel uncomfortable then it is for a reason, that reason is my justification for handcuffing.
  4. That sounds like a really unusual way of doing things. Which force are you with if you don't mind answering? My tutor period was 10 weeks (final week was actually back at the assessor unit and not operational and the first week I wasn't in because of bank holidays etc.) We where all allocated a dedicated tutor for this period, if for whatever reason your tutor is not available for a shift of a period of time you would work with another colleague. It is good to work with different officers to see how they work as every officer is different. I don't like the idea of constantly changing during the tutor phase though! I am sure you will do just fine in the end though, the first few weeks are pretty tough on anybody!
  5. I presume you mean you can't search the premises following arrest under S.32 for summary offences. A search of the offender following arrest is fine for any offence, only searching a premises under S.32 requires it to be indictable. But yeah if an offence is triable either way it is indictable.
  6. How do people know a warrant card is real?

    I suppose it's like anything else with regards to identity. You can add holograms and all manner of security features, but somebody on the street is not going to be in a position to tell a fake from the real thing! I have never had anybody question the validity of my identification as a PCSO, but then again that was a role that required me to be in uniform at all times when on duty. While I am now a PC, I am on a response block and as such I have not undertaken any plain clothed work yet. I would say the situation with regards to Police ID would be the same with anybody else if you had concerns. I would advise the member of the public to contact the control room with my collar number and they would verify my identity that way. In conclusion I can't see any way that would make a warrant card completely fool proof, however it is risky business for anybody brazen enough to attempt to forge one!
  7. Vetting

    Neither of those situations would give any cause for concern. Being pulled over and breathalysed is definitely not an issue if you didn't exceed the limit. By all means declare them, it certainly demonstrates high levels of integrity, but it will not cause you any issues!
  8. S.37 doesn't specifically state the need to interview, it is simply to charge or ascertain if sufficient evidence exists to charge. If you are arresting to prevent bop it wouldn't really satisfy either, however that is where your scenario of preventing harm would come in to play.
  9. Wrongly accused. Starting training soon

    It is difficult to say if it will have any impact on your situation without knowing more about it to be honest. If you have been accused of a criminal offence then you really should make the force aware, the LAST thing you want is your integrity being brought in to question. Be honest and hopefully the matter will be dealt with and you can carry on as normal.
  10. Poor standard of Special Constables

    That is absolutely fair enough. However they carry the same powers and in some respect the same responsibility as regular constables. I can't comment on the standard of specials as they never ever worked on my neighbourhood team, they were always working with the patrol blocks when I was a CSO. The issue sounds to me like the level of training they receive, if you are being given the powers of a constable then you should be given the appropriate training to carry out the role, being under-trained doesn't just impact on colleagues but it also impacts on the special when they end up getting in to bother because they did not understand their powers properly. When I was a CSO with West Yorks I found the few specials I worked with to be exceptional, they are now PC's to be fair
  11. Police App for phone

    Pocket Sgt and PVH
  12. Holidays within the first 2 years?

    I think it is very much based on common sense along with current unit strength. I took 2 days off during my initial training for a long weekend away my wife booked for my 30th (booked before I even applied). It isn't the norm but my trainers used common sense and sent me the course notes for me to revise and catch up on. Holiday time while being tutored is probably not wise, I would milk that time for as much as you can but once you are independent you are free to book your holiday as long as your block is not under strength. We can only carry over a certain amount of annual leave and the rest must be taken. We do get some annual leave built in to our initial training as well.
  13. Cracking post! I am 15 weeks in to the 25 week course and I can't wait to get out there in January. I have tried to maintain a similar philosophy during training as you mentioned. I don't go on with war stories from my previous role and I tend to sit back and contribute when it's appropriate. I have noticed characters that will need a change of attitude before going out but a classroom environment is totally different I suppose. I think it's a personal responsibility to give yourself the best possible chance to develop, winding up your tutors and colleagues would clearly be an unwise move. I revise every night to soak up every last bit of information that is taught to me and I assume I know nothing before each input, even if it is something I have experience in. When I land I plan to go with the flow and see what my tutor wants from me and then get stuck in with absolutely everything I can. I am in a small force (geographically) and that PC you pissed off last week could be your sergeant next year, I am trying to remember that!
  14. Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing (ckp)

    I studied with Lumar Training in Speke, Liverpool. In the end I didn't need the qualification but I had already completed it by this point. I went in every Saturday 0900 - 1700 for around 10 weeks or so. The training was actually brilliant, all ex job and only recently retired and they were pretty well connected with current forces. They also helped me with my application prep which got me in the job recently. It's not cheap (around £800 or so) and it would be an idea if you knew exactly which force you are going for and if it is required first. You are expected to do some study from home and put some effort in during the classroom inputs, but I found it worthwhile in the end. We were assessed on a weekly basis. We would either do open book knowledge checks (you can refer to notes etc), closed book knowledge checks (essentially an essay under exam conditions hitting various units) and we had a role play at the end as well to demonstrate our knowledge. Some forces have been known to run short courses, however because CKP providers seem to vary their training slightly I heard some forces dropped the short courses for the time being. All the best and welcome to UKPO!
  15. What Is Your Dream Car?

    Before I got married it would have been something like a koenigsegg CCX or Bugatti Veyron. Now I have a wife and nipper I am definitely drawn to more practical options. I would LOVE a Masarati quattroporte or a BMX X5 M to be honest