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  1. Strathclyde police

    Excellent, well I shall see you all there. Hope it wont be too awkward when I end up talking to the wrong people! haha See you all 2moro!!
  2. Strathclyde police

    Hello there, I've not been on in a while but I also start on monday. If theres stilll a night out happening, I would like to tag along if thats ok.
  3. Strathclyde police

    well aparently they look back into vetting before u go to tuliallan. i wouldnt worry about it, she said they very rarely discontinue anyone at this point
  4. Strathclyde police

    they give u a wee book of coloured numbers then theres a few pages wher only colour blind people can see the number. so if u cant see anything dont worry about it.
  5. Strathclyde police

    haha thanks for the heads up!... still iv got 6 weeks to hit the treadmill, im sure i'll be fine dont worry about ur medical, they keep it really simple. they also said i had a minor impariment in my right ear, but it was ok. its over and done with in ab out 15mins
  6. Strathclyde police

    I'll be in the january intake they say... subject to final vetting i need to get to the gym more. im not as fit as i should be although I beat my last time by 6 seconds!
  7. Strathclyde police

  8. Strathclyde police

    I am about to jump the final hurdle.... Final fitness test today at 1000hr! its a lovely wet and miserable morning, perfect for running haha! God help me!
  9. Strathclyde police

    Hi guys... got my final fitness test on thursday, only got 2 days notice. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Jamboy