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  1. Northumbria Police

    Hi Is it normal practice for Northumbria police to introduce an interview stage, i received a letter stating i would go to interview before the assessment centre, is this usual practice as i didn't think it was. I double checked there website and it clearly states the selection process and does not have an interview stage. I think it is due to the backlog of applicants from the last recruitment campaign, as i was told that the next stage would be assessment centre, now am told interview, can they do this, it is normal practice????
  2. Northumbria Police

    Thanks for all the feedback, just a little question, I double checked on Northumbria police website and on the selection process page they don't normally do interviews as it said i would be invited to one in my letter is this normal for an interview at this stage or is it a new stage. Feedback appreciated
  3. Urgent advice

    Hi all I deffinitely will let the know, thanks for all the feedback. Cheers
  4. Urgent advice

    Hi all I am about to contact the recruitment regarding my previous employers as i have not declared all previous employers as i missed one out, if i didn't declare them would they be able to find out, i have nothing to hide its just that the employer was really harsh with me and i was only there 3 weeks. Any replies would be really appreciated.
  5. Northumbria Police

    Hi all I received a letter today hand delivered by Northumbria police, i appreciated some information back from them but i don't clearly understand the letter, any help would be appreciated. Part of the letter. ''Whilst we currently have no selection events planned it is highlt likely that we will be running such event towards the end of the year. As part of the recruitment process, we will be inviting you to attend for interview the results of which will determine your progression to the next stage of the recruitment process, the assessment centre. We anticipate being in a position to make appointments from April 2010'' What i don't understand is it says it is highly likely they will schedule recruitment events towards the end of the year, then it says they anticipate to make appointments from april 2010. Do they mean by appoinment by an appointment such as an assessment centre date or appointment as a police officer. Any help i would really appreciate it Many thanks
  6. forces recruiting

    Hi it is only the MET that are recruiting
  7. Special Constable GMP Anyone applied

    Yes thats correct, i have applied to Northumbria but am going to do the specials while Northumbria get there house in order, in terms of recruitment
  8. Hi all Has anyone applied tobecome a Special constable for GMP, and does anyone know how long it takes from start to finish as in the recruitment tests.
  9. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    There is 99.9% chance of NO assessment centres this recruitment year, as they have filled their quota for the year 2008-9 and 2009-10. Hi, could you clarify for us all that there is a 0.01% of getting an assessment centre this year.
  10. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    Afternoon all, After getting over the shock of the assessment centre cancel i have decided to keep my application with Northumbria. When i spoke to recruitment they said they had no idea when the assessment centres will be rearranged and said its most likely to be later in the year. Myself i hope i will be an assessment centre date by September (wishing). Does anyone know how long this will set us back and when do you think it is likely they will be doing assessment centres again. Congratulations to all those lucky ones who got into the Feb assessment
  11. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    in the process of transfering my application to Norfolk
  12. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    Extremely gutted, thought i would be ok as i was told my assessment centre would be in April 2009. I phoned them and they said all assessment centre cancelled until end of the year. Not sure what to do, thinking of transfering application to another force, any recommendations from anyone, not sure what to do as it will be a lengthy wait.
  13. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    Lets just clarify on this. They are not recruiting anymore for a while. I was told last month my assessment centre will be in April 09, so does this mean that the assessment centre has been cancelled.
  14. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    You say this but do this include Police Officers as you spoke about Specials
  15. Recruitment ended early for Northumbria

    Recruitment for Northumbria is open again until 27 feb 09