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  1. National Investigators Exam

    Hi, does anyone know if you can take the NIE exam in your own time while still being a uniformed officer on team, just thinking at the moment while I still have my rest days to study it might be a good time to get some studying in and take it, also how long is the pass mark valid, I'm sure the sgt's one in 5 years. Thanks
  2. Gym inductions

    You're do the gym induction in your first week and a gym circuit class where you jump the 6ft wall

    Have you had problems in your specific class Kato?
  4. Met Borough Choices

    Pretty sure Westminster and Greenwich are 12hours. I wouldn't expect to get your first couple, I got my 5th choice borough!
  5. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Yeah, I've had mine coming on for 2 weeks now, have you called them?
  6. Recommend a hotel near Hendon

    Hi I stayed at Hendon Hall hotel, was really nice and very comfortable, was less than 5 min taxi ride to Peel Centre, I walked back. I've heard of others staying at King Solomon hotel which is in Golders Green.
  7. Devestated

    Hi Rob I've only just got back from being away and have seen this post, I had no idea mate they hadn't cleared you. I think you're doing the right thing fighting it, keep me informed of what happens. You'll be a credit to the force WHEN you finally start at Hendon, these obstacles are put up there to prove how much you really want it, and I know you do. See you at Hendon mate!
  8. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    I was under the impression from when I was offered June last week that if all was okay I would get the start pack through once I'd been signed off and they would only contact me again if there were any problems obtaining my references.
  9. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Yep I'm on there. Where abouts are you from? Are you going into the section house or commuting in? I can't wait now, seems such a long time ago I was at the presentation day getting the application form! Ben.
  10. Passing Out

    Hi, just a quick question I was wondering when the MET have the passing out parade is that done after the 32 weeks of training or after the 2 years probation is completed?. Thanks.
  11. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Hey I'm not coming from that far, Ongar in Essex, end of the central line!!
  12. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Hey I'm not coming from that far, Ongar in Essex, end of the central line!!
  13. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Start the group Leroy, I'll join. Just have it as no relevance to MET at all. Kind of "those starting a new career on 29th June" and get people to PM you on here to join maybe?
  14. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Yea I understand its that peace of mind. I think you need to pester them, hopefully you should hear tomorrow. Surely they know almost everyone needs to give 4 weeks notice and tomorrow would be the cut off to start June. My recruitment officer was very helpful, though I felt I needed to keep calling as a gentle reminder!
  15. 29th JUNE '09 INTAKE - MET

    Thanks for the messages guys! Can't wait to finally all meet you all. It still hasn't quite sunk in yet. Do you think you're get another call to confirm Kato or will they just send the starter pack through once they have signed you off, because that's the kind of feeling I got from the telephone call. Such a relief getting the call specially as its my last day of work tomorrow, I had resigned myself to an August start as when I called in earlier they did see they had to do some calculations to check the numbers but here still must be a few places left. Though the nerves have already started a bit!!