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  1. Hi, does anyone know if you can take the NIE exam in your own time while still being a uniformed officer on team, just thinking at the moment while I still have my rest days to study it might be a good time to get some studying in and take it, also how long is the pass mark valid, I'm sure the sgt's one in 5 years. Thanks
  2. Pretty sure Westminster and Greenwich are 12hours. I wouldn't expect to get your first couple, I got my 5th choice borough!
  3. Hi Rob I've only just got back from being away and have seen this post, I had no idea mate they hadn't cleared you. I think you're doing the right thing fighting it, keep me informed of what happens. You'll be a credit to the force WHEN you finally start at Hendon, these obstacles are put up there to prove how much you really want it, and I know you do. See you at Hendon mate!
  4. Hi, just a quick question I was wondering when the MET have the passing out parade is that done after the 32 weeks of training or after the 2 years probation is completed?. Thanks.
  5. You got the call!! Surely I can't be that fat behind you, our day 1 was on the same day!!. I called this morning and spoke to my recruitment officer and she had me email saying I wanted to start in June and that I was going on holiday next week for couple weeks so would like to know before then if possible. In regards to your question I was warned by the recruitment team not to hand in my notice until I am given a start date as it is still possible you could be withdrawn. I think once they gather all the references in your file goes to one last person and they sign you off. I haven't seen anyone fail because of references on here, but it must have happened for them to warn me. Though I finish work on Friday so I'm taking the risk. In reality I think your worrying a little too much, you know personally if you have been well behaved in a job, done what is expected of you and stayed out of trouble. If you have done, then I can't see how you'll get a bad reference. I'm now staring at my phone for the rest of the day!!!
  6. Well whoever told you that June was full up obviously got it wrong, good old MET recruitment!! haha
  7. I think your edging on the side of caution a little too much!! I'm going to call them next week, I'll pester the date out of them! :ph34r:
  8. When I spoke to my recruiter last Friday I did the same, requested a June start date and she said that she had made a note of it on my file, though I haven't heard anything since, it'll be a week tomorrow since I last spoke to them, might give them a call next Tuesday. So have you been told that you are on the June intake pending your last reference?. Surely though that should be fine and you could hand your notice in sooner or is it not definite for June?
  9. I feel sorry for you, I can imagine it can be frustrating for you. I personally have declared all mine at the beginning in the original papersift. I don't think its right that some people get in without declaring them and being truthful, its just the way some big companies operate so some slip through without being detected.
  10. Not sure I understand what you're trying to get at, I'm only telling you what my HR and previous employer HR department have said. And if they have had no problem giving the police the standard reference in the past I can't see why it would be a problem now. Every force is different, maybe the MET are a little more lenient.
  11. It's true I'm afraid, I spoke to my former HR department yesterday as I saw the reference form on here the police send out I was interested to see how they would answer it, if they would speak to my former manager. The HR department said they don't respond to it and only send out standard templates of dates, job title, description etc. They also said they have never had a problem with it before when supplying it to the police. Though the company does have almost 20,000 employees in the UK so it might be different if it is a small independent company. I did get a PM on here at the beginning of the year when there was a similar post to this from a serving PC who had a lot of time of sick but because she worked for a large company who wouldn't pass on absence leave in references she got in. Seems a little unfair to me, but its just one of those things.
  12. £100k on education, judging by the punctuation and grammar of your post it wasn't exactly money well spent?!. I can't believe you have actually spent the time to post this. I felt sorry for you when you first posted, now like has already been said, I think the MET had a lucky escape!. At my PC recruitment I actually felt underdressed being one of the few who wasn't wearing a suit and I can assure you everyone gave their full attention during the presentation. What exactly is this "working class" accent then?. This isn't the 19th century. Anyhow as you have said you won't have any problem getting a job in the city and will be starting on at least a Sergeant's salary so I wish you every success with that, I for one am pleased I won't be serving alongside you after reading your last post.
  13. I'm not sure why they would do financial checks on your brother, I was led to believe they don't on anyone else but yourself as other peoples finances are of no concern to you. If its your dream job, why should your brother stop you from going for it, I would give it a shot!
  14. The first thing to do is speak to the vetting department, as said before every case is vetted individually. Secondly you said your brother got into financial difficulties but did not have a criminal conviction. This shouldn't be a problem, when vetting is being done, only your finances are looked at, nobody else. And as said, your brother has no criminal record - so no worries there. The most important thing is to be as honest as you can with the vetting, if they suspect that something doesn't add up and you maybe hiding something from them then it could be an integrity issue and that would be a vetting failure. From what you have said though I can't see it being that much of an issue, but I'd advise you to give the vetting team a call.
  15. Yep, as said above I can't see it affecting it all, with regards to the vetting they are looking for CCJ, defaults or excessive unmanageable debts, you should be fine mate!