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  1. merseyside application jan2010

    I applied last night, second time lucky I hope!! I would guess that a fair few would apply this year, even more so if GMP are not taking on. I have a friend in Chehire police and he said a load of their PCSO's were puting an application in. Good luck to everyone.
  2. urgent replies needed!!!!

    I just typed Unsure who to contact, I left school 14 years ago and most of my teachers were old back then so I dont think they will work there anymore. Sure it will be fine.
  3. urgent replies needed!!!!

    Sounds like I am not the only one stressed out over this form!! Yeah not sure what to do about the education part, I dont have enough room either!! I was just going to try and add it onto the e mail or something.
  4. merseyside application jan2010

    I have no idea about dates of sickness, I ve only had a few days off with stomach bugs etc, but I have no idea what dates they were. Not really fancy asking my boss what days sickness I ve had off, he aint stupid and will know I am up to something!!
  5. merseyside application jan2010

    Hi mate, I am trying to but having a problem finding where to apply. I gone to the Police could you site, got onto the drop down menu for Merseyside, press apply, and it just gives me contact details for Merseyside police. The funny thing is I had a look this morning before I went to work and got on there fine. Think I am jut being stupid I was right I was being stupid!!! found it now, nearly failed at the first hurdle!!
  6. Merseyside Application Process

    Hiya, I am also reapplying next week, failed on the AC by a very very small amount. Like you say its been a long wait. Think i applied the same time as you Tea and Biscuits, sorry to see you just missed out!! I just popped on myself to find out if you can use answers that I used on the last application, hope we can because it took me ages to think of those 4 examples. Good luck!!
  7. Merseyside Application Process

    Good luck to all who have applied!! I really wanted to apply but failed my a/c in Jan (only just), so have wait the 6 months to re apply. Only just missed out!! hope they re open the recruitment lines in the winter, but I think it will be next year now. Best of luck!!
  8. Cheshire help

    Cheers, I have a mate in Cheshire police and he thinks it will be fine also. Thanks for the help, think I will give them a ring in the morning.
  9. Cheshire help

    Hiya, Just looking for some advice, the problem I have is that Cheshire will open their recruitment lines via a e mail system on the 13th July, now I passed narrowly failed my A/C with Merseyside and got the letter to inform me of this on 30th of January 09. To get an application form for Cheshire you have to attend a seminar day and you have to apply for a space on the seminar day, if I did manage to get on application form and returned the application form, it would be past the 30th of July and the date I can re apply. Just not sure if the day I apply starts with trying to get on the seminar day or the day I send back my application form. What does everyone think I should do? I don’t want to risk getting into the latter stages of the application and then to be turned down for not telling the truth and not being allowed to apply again. Just desperate to get into the Police but don’t want to ruin my future chances. Thanks for any help!!
  10. G.M.P Recruitment

    I thought that was for the force you applied for? I know I cant go for Merseyside for six months, bit thought its ok to go for G.M.P. Yeah your right, just had a look and have to wait 6 months from the date I failed my A/C. Oh well I will forget all about it for a while and come back to it. Cheers for the heads up geebee
  11. G.M.P Recruitment

    Good spot mate, that has just been put in today. I quess we can apply soon and get a A/C next year, will take a long time but will be worth it in the long run. Will keep checking.
  12. G.M.P Recruitment

    Thanks for the quick response. Yeah thats what I will do then, I have plenty of time to work on the stuff I got wrong. Might look into being a PCSO until I can re apply and get in. Cheers
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any ideas when G.M.P are taking on again? Just failed my Merseyside A/C (only just!! dam!) and want to have a idea when I can get going again. Thanks for any help you can give.
  14. Merseyside Police recruitment

    Nice marks, you must be over the moon. I worked out I only only needed a B in written comms and I would have made it, gutted. Got 78% for race and Diversity, 100 oral comms. Ah well put it behind me and know where I need to improve.
  15. Merseyside Police recruitment

    What did you get for written communication - I got 3 C's and only got 33% overall. trying to make sense of the marks.