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  1. Cheers, I have a mate in Cheshire police and he thinks it will be fine also. Thanks for the help, think I will give them a ring in the morning.
  2. Hiya, Just looking for some advice, the problem I have is that Cheshire will open their recruitment lines via a e mail system on the 13th July, now I passed narrowly failed my A/C with Merseyside and got the letter to inform me of this on 30th of January 09. To get an application form for Cheshire you have to attend a seminar day and you have to apply for a space on the seminar day, if I did manage to get on application form and returned the application form, it would be past the 30th of July and the date I can re apply. Just not sure if the day I apply starts with trying to get on the seminar day or the day I send back my application form. What does everyone think I should do? I don’t want to risk getting into the latter stages of the application and then to be turned down for not telling the truth and not being allowed to apply again. Just desperate to get into the Police but don’t want to ruin my future chances. Thanks for any help!!