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  1. I took a £10,000 pay cut and a company car and fuel.... It was the best decision I have ever made. Quiet simply it's the best job in the world. Go for it. 👍
  2. The above is incorrect. I sat it whilst in my probation. If I recall as long as you are out of your probation by 30th November of the year you come out of probation, you can sit the exam.....if that makes sense.
  3. Hi future! Have you finally made it? Congratulations!! It's been a long wait.
  4. Hi everyone. Just got my long awaited email! Passed a/c for PCSO with WYP!! Cant Wait! Anyone else in same boat?? Jon.
  5. Hi. Police officer and PCSO are classed a different types of applications. PCSO is classed as a civilian post. You can apply for both at the same time as long as force is recruiting. Like Jacko says though, its probbly best to phone recruitment of the force your wanting to join. Good luck.
  6. Hi, You can apply for either PC or PCSO at same time. The PCSO role is classed a a civilian position and should be interfere with PC application. I would advise you speak to the force recruitment that you are think of applying to. Cheers.