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  1. Met Feb training

    Must vary then. My mate has his in week 10! Pretty late for 12 weeks of training.
  2. Met Feb training

    Week 9 before a uniform fitting here! I'll be buying some more shirts, ties and trousers then! Can't wait now.
  3. New PCs

    If you check out the met thread in the recruitment section, there is a load of us stating on the 24th. Can't wait!!
  4. £48 here. A joke. According to the receptionist at my practice, a lot of research went into answering those simple questions. The forms were handed in to be signed for over a week when I went to pick them up. Imagine my surprise when they were still sat there in reception! So the fact I saw the Dr take them and come back literally 2 minutes later with them signed enraged me! Pft... Rant over.
  5. Bmi and Body Fat percentage 2013

    How did the medical go shazroxs09?
  6. Passed Day 1

    I have to formally request a personal reference from someone who I cant see until Friday, meaning I probably wont be able to scan, upload and email the from back until Saturday. Also, seeing February written on paper makes things a bit more real every time I see it...
  7. Passed Day 1

    Feb here, although I wont be able to send the form back until the 16th!
  8. Passed Day 1

    Reference forms? As I posted in the recruitment thread, I got an email asking to send them in by Friday.
  9. Passed Day 1

    The professional element to personal references has me stumped too. I know a load of cops who have offered, but none I have known for more than 4 years, not 5!!
  10. Passed Day 1

    As long as your BMI is below 32 you will be fine. See:
  11. Day one Assessment -MET 2013

    I take it everyone got the email today regarding the CKP? It also included the 3 intake dates. Waiting for my day one result at the moment, so when I saw am email from the MET, well you could imagine what I felt like! Thought it was a bit quick mind :)
  12. Day one Assessment -MET 2013

    Currently trying to prepare for my day one! Hotel and train fares booked so there is another £200 thrown into the application pot, on top of the £900 CKP! 2 weeks to go.
  13. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Despite the fact I was only 3 seconds over, if my push/pull hadn't improved I wouldn't have got the last chance so to speak. I believe that the guy who failed first time round failed again on the pull unfortunately. About 12 were given a second chance on either the push/pull, and quite a few couldn't manage it. I have the date and have just over 5 weeks to prepare. I WILL pass this time.
  14. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Waiting for a date, but the Sgt has said ive got one final crack in 6 weeks. So close, yet so far. 30 people in today, a mix of first and second timers. If my numbers were right, there was only a 50% pass rate. Got a stich again, but managed to run through it. No pain in my toe to note, and I maintained my pace start to finish, giving it all in the last 100m or so. I'm not going to lie, I was fairly confident today, naturally nervous yesterday and this morning, but I hoped i had done it as I raced to the finish line. Quite a few people stopped on the last 200m allowing me to pass, but alas it just wasn't enough. The staff seemed to be as gutted as me, and I got some solid advice to totally ditch the treadmill, which I will take on board. I'm going to have to buy some new shorts, as the weight lost between the first and second attempt meant they were relatively baggy!!! Hopefully I can drop another few pounds, as that is bound to help.
  15. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Gutted guys. Weights score rapidly improved from 69kg/70kg to 75kg/77kg. Run time 12:03. Just couldn't of given it anymore. Devastated.