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  1. So the convictions would be put on this security form at a latter stage, opposed to the app form? Judging by what my father said, remembering the convictions of 25 years ago wont be easy.... Thanks for your help.
  2. Brilliant as ever
  3. A quick question or 2 guys, if you don't mind, I'm about to fill in a application form, and the vetting element concerns me. I am aware that my parents have previous convictions, They are; For my mother a theft caution where no further charges were brought due to after investigation it being deemed purely accidental, (around 5/6 years ago, and there is nothing else there), For my father, numerous drunk and disorderly, and an abh charge. (all when he was young, the last was around 20 years ago, all resulted in fines at the worst) Unfortunately my father had a bad time with his brothers and father, resulting in all these incidents, he left them behind when he met my mother and had consequently has had no further convictions (all of his brothers and father are now dead if that makes any difference) My question is, do I declare these in on the application form, if so where? Also, it asks if I associate with criminals, I would tick no, however Im not sure if my parents history (my fathers last conviction was whilst I was 1 years old apparently) would make me tick yes. I know these questions may seem a tad stupid, however I dont want to come across as being dis-honest, by not declaring everything. I am aware of people failing after 2 years of recruitment, due to them either accidentally not declaring something, or them deeming in not applicable. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Si23. Edit: After reading through this whole thread, am I correct in believing that if you are successful at the AC, you will be provided with further forms regarding vetting? If so, this would make sense, as I would like the opportunity to explain everything fully.
  4. You win some, you loose some, or if your me, you win none and loose all!
  5. Thats round one down
  6. Taking betting tips off a police forum, what will be next Placed a fiver on at 64/1. You never know, I may win for once
  7. I am currently 19. I too had and still have some doubts. I guess that is just a common thing though. I know it is also applicable to people who are thinking of joining that are older, and they have similar concerns! Also happy birthday Alexis05089.
  8. Thanks guys, for some reason, the thought of leaving a big blank section on the application form was quite daunting. Just need one of my forces to have some form of recruitment drive, hopefully in the next 12 months!
  9. For me, I would love to know when either Durham, Cleveland or Northumbria would be recruiting again. Although I am still at uni, I would love to have some idea to prepare for the future. With average applications for the above forces seemingly taking longer than some, a planned application would be quite helpful! Thanks, Si23.
  10. Just a quick query really.... Has anyone applied to the police force as their first job? I mean with no previous employment history. Obviously references would have to come form other sources, higher education and such, but surely it is possible? Recently I was led to believe i had finally found a job in a part time role for the NHS in their finance sector. However I am now being told that due to certain circumstances, mainly the financial climate, that unfortunately the job is now not available. Due to never having a job, and in the current recession, finding a part time job isn't as easy as it once was. My main concern now is that, it will come to the stage of applying to the police were i have had no previous employment! I don't however have any concern about the competency questions, i could easily find relevant experiences i have had that fill the question criteria. Experiences being MD at a business set up as a Uni experiment for example. That gave me vast customer interaction as well as having to deal with a large number of different scenarios. I also had a similar opportunity at A-Level that actually resulted in me winning a regional award. I am a fairly confident person, but at present this is something that is only real thing that is bugging me. I am imagining being less favoured for the role for some reason. I have already overcome my biggest issue, dropping 8 stone in body weight! For now I will continue my part time job search. Thanks, Si23.
  11. Good luck with loosing the remainder of your weight. It was back in December when i realised that i needed to drop quite a bit of weight. At the time i was around 19 and a half stone. Being quite tall though, i seemed to carry the weight strangely well. It clicked to me that any possibility of a long life, never mind being a potential police officer meant i had to loose a lot of weight. As a child i was always on the heavy side, why i couldn't tell you. I was (and am) heavily into sports and eat quite healthily. Any way, sitting here now, 6 months later, after being weighed yesterday, i am dead on 13 stone. My bmi has dropped from 35 to 23. Im not going to say it was easy, especially the last few months, but god do i feel and look better. Getting into a 32 trouser with room to spare does my self confidence the world of good! My fitness levels have now also shot through the roof. I was never really unfit, or slow. But now my long distance running is as good as it has ever been. All i can say is the best of luck with your target, keep at it, Si23.
  12. , I didn't mean to come across like that Note to self: In future read back posts before submitting!
  13. Some very good posts here... I joined this forum back in December, if my memory serves me correctly. I was in a slightly similar situation in regards to applying to the police, the only difference was that I had already started University. At A-Level it was something that I considered, although none of my local forces were recruiting. When I achieved very good grades at A-Level, going to university was something that just happened. From an early age going to Uni was something that I always intended on doing, mainly due to family interference, and being quite intelligent. Around 6 months ago I had questioned my decision to go to Uni. Some events had changed what i wanted to do with my life. People on this forum gave so much advice, it really was brilliant. However numerous factors meant that sticking out Uni was the best decision for me. 6 months on and I feel like ive made the best decision. I still intend on joining the police, in the near future. I will however, hopefully have a degree, more life experience due to a new job, dealing hands on with customers, and oh, 20k of debt I am even quite enjoying uni, the challenge is for the first time appealing. Ive made new friends, although i have discovered that alcohol isnt for me. I have also had the opportunity to assess health issues, my weight being one. I am now fitter and healthier after taking up running, a new diet which has resulted me in dropping a massive 6 stone in weight! My advice to you, well do what your heart and head tells you. Think about every possible route, the possible benefits, negatives and positives. Good luck to you, i am sure you will get all the support you need, no matter your decision. Si23.