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  1. North Wales Police intake 2013

    Also, I have been told that we need to learn 8 modules before we start training, does anyone have any information on what these cover and how much time is involved with this? Just concerned that we have to pass a test within the first few days. Thanks everyone
  2. Hello everyone I wanted to start a new topic for those of us who have been successful in joining the force and provide an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Also as we have to do some learning before we start I thought this might prove to be a useful space for everyone to help each other.
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  12. Credit cards.

    In relation to the above, it doesn't work like that. Under credit consumer law credit, card companies are joint liable with the merchant if there is an issue with the product or service but as a credit card is a guaranteed form of payment they have to allow transactions to clear onto the account before they can investigate. If the renewal processes is outline in the T&C's then they wouldn’t be able to do an awful lot.