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  1. Returning from career break

    I'm returning from a career break (MET) in around 6 months and have begun to think about what I would like to do when I return. I've only worked in KF and KG until now but am looking at Chelsea, Camden or Westminster with a view to applying for the TDC scheme. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these boroughs and what they are like to work in, particularly from a CID perspective.
  2. handling stolen goods

    That's not correct. When he finds out that it is stolen he is under a duty to report it/return it to it's rightful owner.
  3. My chances in the Met - 18 year old

    There is nothing to prevent you applying to join the police and university at the same time. To join the MET you have to spend a grand on some stupid course before you can apply.
  4. Smash-and-grab axe man foiled by passers-by....

    I didn't notice the PCSO when I initially read the story on the BBC. The picture sums up their role and contribution to policing perfectly!
  5. please help

    I would look at the core competencies for the role, look at the positive indicators for each competency and think of examples of when you have met these competencies. I would try and have 2 examples for each competency. I don't know what a telephone interview would involve as I have never had one with the police. As a guess you may be asked why you want to join the police and your knowledge about what is going on in the force in which you are applying. It would also do you no harm to keep on top of wider police issues that are currently in the news. For your paper application make sure you don't get rejected based on something stupid like spelling mistakes. If there are word limits don't go over them. And make sure you tell the truth in your application!
  6. Maybe the OP should choose her boyfriends a bit more carefully in future.
  7. People detained inside pub

    I could think of worse places to be detained!!
  8. Morale in the Met

    Reading this is 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back!!
  9. LPM

    Just wondering what people's views on the LPM are, and how it is working (or not) in your boroughs. My experience of being on an NPT is either doing the reporting car or being on aid. I'm given no time to investigate the crimes allocated to me and am unable to proactively patrol the streets any longer. 50% of the other PCs on my team are on restricted duties and offer absolutely nothing. When I first joined safer neighbourhoods pre LPM I did feel that they were not value for money as for some it was a good place to hide. However, I don't feel the NPTs are the solution either. Suppose it should all change again soon enough when Hogan-Howe gets sacked or resigns/retires over Hillsborough.
  10. New PCs

    Hence the brackets in my previous answer! You will get it when you join, uniform fitting will be included into your timetable.
  11. New PCs

    Do you not just keep the kit you were issued as a special (presuming you were a special in the met)?
  12. Free the police and save billions

    I like the idea of solicitors only doing consultations over the phone and not having to wait for hours for them to come to the station.
  13. Sounds like you were arrested.
  14. If you were arrested you would have been told at the time that you were arrested. Surely you would remember whether you had been or not. What happened at the police station, did they take your fingerprints and a photo of you when you were there?