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  1. I'm returning from a career break (MET) in around 6 months and have begun to think about what I would like to do when I return. I've only worked in KF and KG until now but am looking at Chelsea, Camden or Westminster with a view to applying for the TDC scheme. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these boroughs and what they are like to work in, particularly from a CID perspective.
  2. That's not correct. When he finds out that it is stolen he is under a duty to report it/return it to it's rightful owner.
  3. I didn't notice the PCSO when I initially read the story on the BBC. The picture sums up their role and contribution to policing perfectly!
  4. Maybe the OP should choose her boyfriends a bit more carefully in future.
  5. I could think of worse places to be detained!!
  6. Reading this is 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back!!
  7. I like the idea of solicitors only doing consultations over the phone and not having to wait for hours for them to come to the station.
  8. Sounds like you were arrested.
  9. If you were arrested you would have been told at the time that you were arrested. Surely you would remember whether you had been or not. What happened at the police station, did they take your fingerprints and a photo of you when you were there?
  10. Think Jeremy Kyle will do it for free. He does free DNA tests.
  11. Why don't you and your neighbour see if Jeremy Kyle is free to mediate??
  12. It's harsh because presumably she has been sacked and I very much doubt she will commit any further offences. What she did was clearly wrong but prison is probably not the solution, sacking her and the public shame is enough of a punishment.
  13. On the face of it getting sent to jail for this sounds pretty harsh to me.
  14. It may sound a bit of a radical idea but why don't they recruit more police officers rather than bag carriers for themselves!? £697k for a team of yes men (or women) is a little bit steep.