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  1. joke from the
  2. Jaydee i'm dow with anything they throw at me. As it stands at the moment i'm used to working 7 days a week for the past 2 months without a day off. I'm combining work with rennovating my grandads house with friends and family. Not only that but ive been crampt up on a silly little sofa bed the whole time untill it's sorted!!! n Flabber i have no expectations mate, i'll take everything as it comes, ive done plenty research and i have friends in the police including an ex DCI. I'm so excited now!!!
  3. empty stomach... So
  4. Cheers ness... been a long time coming. Got something to aim for now!!!!
  5. WYP mate... Bet you cant wait either!!!
  6. Just to let you crazy cats know that i got my start date for the 22nd of feb... finally the wait is over... phiew!!!!! Thanks the words of wisdom you all shared!! x
  7. fishermen pie, which Good to see my game is still going hehe.
  8. bbc iplayer is fab on my nokia 5800
  9. , Mario however enjoyed
  10. caves
  11. I cant wait to get sprayed ....errrm well not really ha!!
  12. toadstools from mario
  13. mythology all over
  14. Haha, i failed numerous times but one of the kids i'm working with did it first time. This driving test proves that we should lower the driving age limit to 12. ACE!!
  15. discusts the dirtiest troll...sorry 4 words