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  1. Bulling Lowa Patrol Boots

    p.s sorry for the typo's
  2. Hiya guys, Just finnished my second day of training today at Bishopgarth for WYP and having a great time so far with what seems a fantastic group of people. I'm posting in the help section as i'm a little unsure about something... I have bought a pair of LOWA PTB patrol boots from here http://www.patrolstore.com/Lowa-Boots-Patrol-p-613.html ..... If you look at the picture provided the boot doesnt have much space around the toe for BULLING as there is another matierial that runs around the outside oft the boot btween the sole and the leather (about 2cms thick). Is this material polishable? or is the boot still ok for bulling anyway? Please reply when you can. fank yew...
  3. 3 Word Story

    joke from the
  4. Start Date..

    Jaydee i'm dow with anything they throw at me. As it stands at the moment i'm used to working 7 days a week for the past 2 months without a day off. I'm combining work with rennovating my grandads house with friends and family. Not only that but ive been crampt up on a silly little sofa bed the whole time untill it's sorted!!! n Flabber i have no expectations mate, i'll take everything as it comes, ive done plenty research and i have friends in the police including an ex DCI. I'm so excited now!!!
  5. 3 Word Story

    empty stomach... So
  6. Start Date..

    Cheers ness... been a long time coming. Got something to aim for now!!!!
  7. Start Date..

    WYP mate... Bet you cant wait either!!!
  8. One Word Association

  9. Start Date..

    Just to let you crazy cats know that i got my start date for the 22nd of feb... finally the wait is over... phiew!!!!! Thanks the words of wisdom you all shared!! x
  10. 3 Word Story

    fishermen pie, which Good to see my game is still going hehe.
  11. Start Date

    Anyone got a start date for 22nd of feb... I can't wait woohoo!!!
  12. Google Wave.

    Highway man, please can you send me an invite.. Might aswell try it out.. Now ive grounded my feet due to the christmas season and lack of cash flow..teehee!!
  13. iPhone, best apps and tips and tricks thread.

    bbc iplayer is fab on my nokia 5800
  14. 3 Word Story

    , Mario however enjoyed
  15. Change a word