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  1. Revision for Sergeant's exams

    Can anyone recommend a good audio CD to use for the Sergeant's exams? I don't mind spending the money as long as I get value for money. Also can anyone advise me on a revision plan as i don't quite know where to begin! Thanks!
  2. I've been accepted - at last!

    I bought the PLND book that I'm Paul recommended - other than that I am going to wait and see what they suggest. As for boots - a lot of people have suggested the Altbergs so I might give them a go. This might sound like a daft question - do we go in fitness gear on the first day or suit/smart clothes plus our gear to change into? I dont want to be the one who is dressed in the wrong gear trying to do the bleep test in heels and a suit! Cheers!!
  3. I've been accepted - at last!

    Am feeling kind of prepared - getting my uniform fitted did make it more real although still don't know which boots to get. Not impressed with fitness test on first day, am busy trying to build up my arms as not exactly built like Rambo and only just passed on that the last time. Am going to be based in Harrogate after the 18 weeks at Newby which is handy! Anyone else?
  4. I've been accepted - at last!

    Thanks for that - I will buy it now! Will look out for Rob - he's not the fitness guy is he? Cheers! Amanda
  5. I've been accepted - at last!

    LOL! I shall look out for you doddering about on the 22nd! See you then!
  6. I've been accepted - at last!

    The assessment centre was over in Wakefield with West Yorkshire, it all seems so long ago now!
  7. One Word Association

  8. I've been accepted - at last!

    Will keep you posted on my progress and once you have moved to Yorkshire am sure you will agree that it is indeed 'God's own county' not that I'm biased lol! Take care
  9. I've been accepted - at last!

    I had my fitness in October and had over Xmas to wait nervously for my vetting and references. Am just wondering now if I will be the old kid on the block at 35 - lol! Going for my uniform fitting and have been told where I will be based after training so it's now actually seeming real... Which is just as well seeing as I have just handed in my notice!!
  10. At last after a long wait I have my start date 22nd March - very nervous and excited too!
  11. Time scales

    Am expecting my vetting might take a while as i lived in France for a year in 1996 and in Egypt for a year in 2004/5. I have also moved quite a lot and i know my half sister has also lived in New Zealand. If i cannot make the intake for Jan what would happen?
  12. I have my interview on the 25th October and my fitness on the 30th? If I pass those my medical stuff sometime in Nov. If I get through all this what time scale am I looking at to actually start training?? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers!
  13. Time scales

    Ok, so I have my final interview on the 25th October and the fitness on the 30th and from then the medical in November. Assuming I pass all these things does anyone know what time scale I am looking at to actually start? I have been told the vetting and security checks take ages - is this true?? Cheers!!
  14. Got my interview on the 25th and my fitness test on the 30th. Am still waiting for details to come through the post, am more than a little nervous about the fitness!!!!
  15. Not sure where to post this but thought would try here! OK, so I got my letter last week to say I had been successful at the assessment centre and that I would be notified in due course about my interview at Police HQ. Does anyone have an idea how long that will be - am I talking weeks to wait or months before I have the interview? Cheers!