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  1. Merseyside on Hold..

    Thanks bravo-sure you won't be far behind us! :-)
  2. Merseyside on Hold..

    I'm in- sorry to those that aren't yet - stay strong- you've come this far! You'll get there.
  3. Merseyside on Hold..

    Hi all- my application status has changed to 'application under review'. Says successful at medical and they will be in touch but nothing further than that.
  4. Merseyside on Hold..

    Booked in!!!
  5. Merseyside on Hold..

    So soon!! Thank you!
  6. Merseyside on Hold..

    Oh good - will look forward to mine on Thursday! Any indication for fitness? 6:30am run for me tomorrow! :-)
  7. Merseyside on Hold..

    How did people get on at todays meetings??
  8. Merseyside on Hold..

    10th :-) :-) :-)
  9. Merseyside on Hold..

    Well fingers crossed for us all- I haven't heard of anyone having a phone call last week but I certainly didn't get one and neither did a PCSO colleague of mine who had passed everything (including physical and Medical etc) so it could be rumours again but who knows- I will be eagerly awaiting with my fingers crossed for us all for the foreseeable future though!!
  10. Merseyside on Hold..

    Mike- that's really good news for you. I'm a PCSO, passed final interview and recruitment was suspended just before my fitness test (two days before I think). Think it's time I start putting that gym membership into use!!
  11. Merseyside on Hold..

    Boooooooom indeed- James- what stage are you at, when was your interview etc?
  12. Merseyside on Hold..

    Good news from today's meeting folks- can't post link but take a look at the police authority website!!
  13. Merseyside on Hold..

    Hi all, Just out of interest, for those of you who have had your fitness tests and medicals, have they expired now??? I had mine cancelled 2 days before I was due to take it back when the recruitment freeze started. I'm intruiged as to whether all those who have passed interview are now to take (or retake) fitness tests and medicals??
  14. Recruitment

    Recruitment process takes a fair while so I imagine that if you apply in January 2012 then you will still be in the process in May 2012. Just anticipate that you may have to go to an assesment centre whilst you are still in Uni but other than that, you'll be fine. Id be very surprised if anyone applying in any given January would start 4 months later so dont worry, you'll be fine!
  15. Merseyside on Hold..

    Hi all Got the email too as expected. We are going to get the same email for the next two months at least I expect. Chief Con has said reruitment is suspended until at least October so I imagine this wont change. A couple of months more uncertainty but hey, when we eventually do get in, it will all be worth the wait and patience. In the meantime we can all have a relaxing summer (incidently, I can now book a holiday!). Keep in touch. x