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  1. I think what meduzpa is trying to say is that Police officers and police staff are legally bound not to divulge / discuss cases or sensitive information in public places or in places where they can be overheard by people unauthorised to hear the information. This line is taken from a security matters form which people sign when joining my force but I would guess it is the same for all for forces. "You must not disclose Police information to any person who does not have a legitimate reason to have that information." Basically by talking about cases and some aspects of work in public where they could be overheard, the officers in the cafe were breaking the Data protection act. This is how sensitive information about cases can end up in the newspapapers etc, amoung other reasons. Anyone overhearing this especially another officer working for the force would have the right to make a complaint. All the information above is my own opinion and not that of any police force.
  2. Sorry to sound harsh but if all you have ever wanted to do is join the police - you should have thought about that before committing all the offences. Look at doing something else and dont waste your time. You havent got any hope of getting into a job within the police paid or unpaid. Thousands of people apply for the police and they can afford to only recruit the very best applicants who have never been in any kind of trouble with the police. Also as previously mentioned, every time you have to appear in court your credibility will be questioned due to your past so the police will not take the risk of employing someone who can lose them cases in court.
  3. Hi I did the PLC at Brooklands and took the exam in Dec 2011 im waiting on my start date and I think I am due to be on the next intake. Yes, it is a long process after passing the exam, as im sure you know, you have to pass lots of stages in the recruitment process to make it to a job offer. I would guess around a year after submitting your application - assuming you pass everything. The best pieces of advice is keep on top of your workbook as its really hard to catch up if you fall behind. The lazier people in our class were trying to catch up a bit during the lessons which means you wont take the lessons in and end up struggling later on in the course. Definately buy the online revision tool they tell you about as found it to be really useful. It lasts for 6 weeks so dont get it until 6 weeks away from the exam date. I don't want to scare you but - how ever hard you think the exam is going to be, Treble it! The time will vanish and your brain turns to mush. Learn the definitions as you are probably being told and practice as much as ossible with mock exam papers to give you an idea of the types of questions they ask. The other major thing was - we were told to revise and learn all the key areas but in the exam there were loads of random questions from the subjects which were barely touched upon. Dont ignore all the sections of the workbook such as licensing or social and community issues to name couple as you can guarantee there will be questions from all over the workbook not just key areas. Good luck with it all.
  4. Does anyone actually know for a fact when the new lower salary for new recruits starts? what is the actual date that it comes into effect or is it not known yet? Also does it affect all forces as even now some forces pay more than others e.g Surrey are higher than Cornwall.
  5. I had a similar experience. I lost a 24ct gold bracelet which had my initials on it. Someone found it and listed it on ebay. I phoned the police and said I was 100% sure it was mine because of my initials which were visible on the photos. They advised me to not confront the seller in case he got rid of it before they could act and bid a huge amount of money to ensure I was the highest bidder and win the item . After winning it, I asked the seller if I could collect it and pay cash. The seller gave me his name and address, then the police went round and recovered the bracelet without me paying a penny. The seller was guilty of theft by finding because he took no steps to find its owner by handing it in to the police. I would say if you are 100% it is your missing frame, call the police and I would click on the buy it now to prevent anyone else buying it and you losing it. By buying it and saying you will pay cash on collection, it gives you time to collect your evidence of ownership and arrange with the police for them to recover it on your behalf. Dont say you will be round the next day to collect it as the police may take time to look at all the facts and Do not go and confront the seller yourself. Don't pay by paypal as you will then struggle to get the money back. Let us know how you get on.
  6. Im glad to see its gone down a bit as I got 59% last time. Hopefully armed with the knowlede of where I went wrong last time I might have done better than last time. Im getting really twitchy now when waiting for the post, as I suppose the letter could come anytime. Fingers crossed. xxxxxxxxxx
  7. Does anyone know What the current pass mark is for Devon and cornwall. I know it was 60% but loads of people are saying it has been lowered to 50%. I want to know what it is at the moment, which will affect those who have just done the assessment on 10/11th oct 2009.
  8. Hi I did my assessment on sunday 11th for devon and cornwall. I felt overall it went well, as 4 years ago I failed with 59% so I thought I would do better this time knowing what to expect. Fingers crossed we both get the result we want.
  9. Hi everyone I had my assessment for devon and cornwall last sunday ( 11th oct 2009) and thought it went really well. The only thing I am worried about is the written part because I spent too long working out my answer in rough and didnt leave enough time to do it neat on the report. I hope it wont affect my overall score. I failed 4 years ago with 59% so I was really positive this time, that armed with the knowledge of where I went wrong, I would do better. Just need to wait for the results now. Good luck to all those waiting.