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  1. Overhearing or when time is out, do, take time out!

    I think what meduzpa is trying to say is that Police officers and police staff are legally bound not to divulge / discuss cases or sensitive information in public places or in places where they can be overheard by people unauthorised to hear the information. This line is taken from a security matters form which people sign when joining my force but I would guess it is the same for all for forces. "You must not disclose Police information to any person who does not have a legitimate reason to have that information." Basically by talking about cases and some aspects of work in public where they could be overheard, the officers in the cafe were breaking the Data protection act. This is how sensitive information about cases can end up in the newspapapers etc, amoung other reasons. Anyone overhearing this especially another officer working for the force would have the right to make a complaint. All the information above is my own opinion and not that of any police force.
  2. Waiting for a start date?

    Hi I m starting on the 11th March. I was waiting in the Pool from Aug last year so it is a bit of a wait and can be around a year from getting the Pool email to your start date. It does go sooner than you think and just a heads up, we have a 50 question multiple choice PLC exam in the first week so rather than letting your knowledge slip while you wait, keep up with it all and it will be easier for you. Regards
  3. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Just in case - Did you know that you can only apply to one force at a time and also if you have a failed application,you have to wait 6 months before applying to any force?
  4. Role Plays

    Dont forget though, you are being assessed on all of the competancies in the roleplays and not just customer focus. Good luck with it.
  5. Role Plays

    I found it useful to list all the things I need to say for each role play such as intrducing myself at the start and at the end I will get back to you with an update etc etc. The role plays are very customer focus orientated so make sure you are matching your responses within the roleplays to the competancy. You can take the notes you make outside the room in with you, so write anything you think you might want to say as I guarantee when you go throught the door and someone is shouting at you, it can all go horribly wrong.
  6. Next Intake

    <p>Hope all your uniform fittings are going well and you have started your revision for our exam in the first week.</p> <p> </p>
  7. Devon & Cornwall

    Those of us who recently recieved a letter were the ones who had completed the entire recruitment process and were waiting for our start dates, we even had our uniform fitted and warrant photo taken! The letter asks us if we are still interested in joining and gave the dates of interviews and fitness tests for us to redo it all again if we want to. At the end of the letter it clearly states that they do not know when recruitment will open and can not guarantee if it will happen this year, they are simply getting some of us back up to date with our fitness and interviews etc should they be in a position to re open recruitment. As Donks said, they are going to give first refusal to those of us on the previous recruitment drive but bear in mind around 100 of us were binned whilst waiting for a start date. Realisticly, i wouldnt get your hopes up for at least another 2 years, as even if they do 2 or 3 intakes a year with 24 on each intake it will be a long time before anyone else gets a look in. My advice is join as a special as most forces will now only recruit internally from PCSO's or specials so if D + C follow suit at least you will be in the running when they finally do open recruitment.
  8. Next Intake

    I was up in Surrey this past week at the CTC Frimley on a course. So when the email came on thursday, I thought it was worth a phone call to the stores friday morning to see if they could do my fitting the same day rather than me travelling back up to do it in a few weeks. They said yes and gave me an appointment in the afternoon, so I had my uniform fitted on friday. V exciting trying on alll the various bits of kit - but I wont say anymore because its a great experience and I dont want to spoil it for you all.
  9. Next Intake

    very exciting, I suppose once all the paperwork and instructions come through it will be a lot more real. I dont think it will be real to me until our first day at work when we collect our uniforms. Cant wait.
  10. Next Intake

    Nothng yet. i guess it will take our references a few days to reply as they might need to look up files on us such as what date we started and how many sick days etc. Theres not many bosses who would know all this off the top of their head. Also some employers might not be at work every day etc etc. Im sure its all just a formality, because lets be honest - none of us would put down someone to be a reference if we were not 100%sure they would give us a good one.
  11. Will I even Get into the Police?

    Sorry to sound harsh but if all you have ever wanted to do is join the police - you should have thought about that before committing all the offences. Look at doing something else and dont waste your time. You havent got any hope of getting into a job within the police paid or unpaid. Thousands of people apply for the police and they can afford to only recruit the very best applicants who have never been in any kind of trouble with the police. Also as previously mentioned, every time you have to appear in court your credibility will be questioned due to your past so the police will not take the risk of employing someone who can lose them cases in court.
  12. Fixed penalties on application form.

    Definately declare it. It doesnt matter how long ago it was, they will be able to see it when they do your vetting and if you hide it, you will be rejected on the grounds of integrity. You only need to put the date you think it was as they will see the date for themselves when they check and if they need to, vetting will ring you to clarify anything. Good luck
  13. Next Intake

    Hi Zoe, Ive sent you an email as you cant use the messaging system yet. Honestly, i wouldnt post any personal details on here as it is completely open and public. Our email addresses are listed on the top of our intake / reference email from Surrey.
  14. Pay drop

    Hi One such qualification mentioned is the PLC (police, law and community) course. Basically its all the core subjects of Police Law which you learn when you start as a police officer in your 22 weeks basic training. Surrey Police are the first in the country to implement that you have to complete the PLC course before you can even apply. The course is run at several colleges in and around Surrey and lasts for 16 weeks. At the end you have to take an exam and get over 60% pass mark to apply for Surrey. The course costs around £1200 which you pay for yourself. Before you think, "That's rediculous having to pay for it yourself" - basic training is reduced from 22 weeks to 10 weeks so the pay increases quicker and people get the money back that way. Of course there are a lot of people who pay and do the course who either fail the exam because it is so hard or don't get through the police selection process, but thats just the way it goes. The course can also be used for other jobs such as licensing officers etc so all is not lost if you don't get into the Police. Unless you are trying to join Surrey Police I dont think there is any point doing this course. That is why people with that qualification will be on the higher bracket, as they have spent the time and money doing the course. I don't know of any other qualifications but maybe someone else can name some????
  15. Next Intake

    I got my email today about being on the next intake :) The next intake is the 11th march. Did anyone else get the email ?