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  1. Merseyside Feb 9th Intake

    Looking forward to seeing yas all tomorrow folks. Make sure use have set ur alarms, dont wanna be late on r first day haha xx
  2. Merseyside Feb 9th Intake

    Hiya Chris, Did you not get given ur collar number at ur uniform fitting? If not and you really want to know u can ring ioma clothing (the number on ur letter) and ask them. i forgot mine so phoned them to ask they were sound with it. I believe about 10 people never had collar numbers on the fitting days but everyone has them now. As for where were going to be based i reckon we"ll find that out quite early to be honest. I reckon they decide where were getting put before we start our first day of training, based on where we live and all that. OMG folks only 3 more days till we go in and get all our gear!! im soooo excited!!! woo hoo x
  3. Vetting and background checks?

    you will be sound honeslty! to be honest u would have well been told by now if ud failed the vetting. they wouldnt have gave u a medical date if u had failed cos its a waste of there time and resources! i would just go to ur medical get that out the way and u will be sound for sure!! u will get ur start date shortly after xx I start on monday and sooo cant wait!! Good luck to all of ya's xx
  4. Vetting and background checks?

    I no i dunno the reasons for it like, might be beause there extra absences too them over the limit or somethin. If ur below the limit of whatever the abseces is i wouldnt worry about it was just givin use a heads up like. What stage r u at at the minute?
  5. Vetting and background checks?

    Alright Folks, dunno if this hepls but im starting for merseyside police on the 9th feb. I only had my medical on 8th dec and got my job offer letter 3 weeks after so have faith use could still be on 4 march. As soon as the background check is done they seem to rush u through fro that point!! have either of u been sent for fingerprinting and to fill out ur p46's?? (this is before ur job offer- they state while ur there u havent got the job yet) but u find out pretty soon after that point. The background checks as far as i am aware is ur bank/finance, ur familly, ur personal references and ur employment references. Big heads up tho do not have any time off sick in ur current jobs before u start with the police or they wont take u on. There was about 5 people getting there finger prints took with me (bout 30 people there in total) and the staff asked has anyone been off sick since they applied, the people who were got took to one side and had to have there applications suspended until further notice!! well i cant think of anything else to tell use except the best part after getting ur job offer is going to ur uniform fitting its amazin u get ur collar number and try on ur body armour the works!! it boss!! any questions lads just gimmie a shout xx
  6. Merseyside Feb 9th Intake

    that u laura? i dont have a clue how to work this thing??? x Alright everyone else too, just trying to figure this thing out haha x