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  1. Have been discharged from hospital after having to get my own defer me. I was in and out about 10 times over 2 months for various consultations, audiogram, mri and blood tests to be told i have borderline mild hearing loss that is caused my a genetic factor in my case. Whilst this doesn't cause me problems at the moment the Specialist said it may start to affect me in later life earlier than others ie..when i'm 50 rather than 60 (i'm 30 now). Not sure where this leaves me ad the doc at OHU has been off for 3 weeks and i've missex the Sept start in Merseydide. My advice if you are worried about your hearing then get referred by your own GP. OHU have to be thorough and you could save yourself months!!!
  2. I've been a PCSO with Merseyside for over 7 years and recently had a medical for role of Constable with the same Force....full of a cold I was!! And the results didn't meet the requirements. The Doctor at OHU advised me o get over my cold and return for a further test. I passed that with flying colours (practically perfect) but the Doctor refused to pass me based on previous results, including my CSO medical from over 7 years ago which showed slight hearing loss. I have now been referred to a private ENT specialist and my result have once again come back as 'borderline'. I had to restart the test twice as the Nurse ***swearing removed*** me for pressing the button when there was no noise coming through (I swear in that booth I hear beeps all the time!!!) and suffice to say was a nervous wreck as this means so much to me. I've got to go back to OHU next week wit my latest results, but I have no idea what their decision will be, and if it's a 'no' I'm wondering if I even have grounds for appeal? I hope the last 7 years count for something at least. If anyone has any similar experiences or advice to offer I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!