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  1. Straight to the point i guess :-)
  2. The OP for this topic will have the ideal opportunity to see this idea first hand when the 8 Scottish forces merge to form the Police Service Of Scotland (catchy no ?). Like some posters here there are concerns that like the Met would in England , Strathclyde as the biggest force in Scotland will have the biggest say over procurement, computer systems, best practice etc. I personally am all for anything that reduces the amount of red tape and paperwork we do but in all honesty it would appear just to be a money saving exercise. I await April 1st with a feeling of both interest and trepidation.
  3. Typically your day finishes about 5pm, your time is your own after that .
  4. Given that you are not talking about the Police im sure youll not get a definite answer as it may depend on who requests the check. There is no requirement from the Police to notify a subject
  5. To answer your question to the best of my knowledge the answer would be no. Civic Govt Scotland act allows us to give the warning to desisit or end up with the summary fine. The power to seize any noise making equipment comes from section 24 of the Crime and Disorder (Scotland) Act. This is also the one that lets us force entry to properties to seize stereos etc etc.
  6. I took two pairs of boots myself and had no issues. Not too sure if the rules have changed
  7. Surely with the definition of assault "every attack directed to take effect physically on the person of another........" he will be fine. He didnt attack the guy he was just sitting in the wrong place. Someone has waaaaay too much time on their hands.
  8. What force are you joining ? Most Scottish forces include a mortuary visit.
  9. If a complaint is forthcoming you dont need to prove your mum is innocent, they need to prove she is guilty.
  10. In terms of your SOCO type stuff general rule of thumb is anything with a smooth surface can be fingerprinted and almost anything can be sent for DNA, however a lot of forces in Scotland will not DNA unless its a fairly major crime. In L&B we have civilian scenes of crime and they are usually handy for a wee bit of advice via ISSI
  11. When making arrests officers have officer safety training and health and safety guidelines and training to fall back on, im not sure if you would call them strategies per se.
  12. No crimes as far as I can see if its being kept at home
  13. The Roads Policing like any other speialization will require you to do a minimum of 2 years as a response officer first. The Roads Policing role revolves around serious vehicle accidents, all motorway calls, issuing tickets etc for motoring offences and where required assisting response when numbers are low :-). Have you applied ?
  14. Looked like either Northern or grampian given the accents :wink:
  15. Correct :-). End of thread lol