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  1. Female PCSOs

    I just thought I would have an input on what its like to be a PCSO before start...I originally applied as a MET police officer in July 2008 but unfortunately I missed out by 1%. As a result I was offered the role of PCSO or Special...of course I wanted to be paid so I chose PCSO. I saw the offer as an oppurtunity to take a step in the right direction. I would have had to have waited another 6 months to re-apply and then more time to go through all the stages, so it felt better to do it this way. I was hesitant at first, because I know that PCSOs do get a battering in the press all the time, and some members of the public believe that they are pointless, but I think its a great role for the police. They say PCSOs build bridges in the community and I think thats true. In just 3 months I've learnt a lot already. I've dealt with a variety of situations. As for the solo patrols, I posted up there^^^ that during the day my team patrol alone. This doesnt cause us much problems. I cover a reasonably small patch, as Im on a town centre transport hub team (covering all the bus stops/bus routes in and out etc). And the couple of times that I have had a problem on my own, the team has come running within a minute anyway. For PCSOs that cover larger areas and possibly further away from the main towns, I can imagine it could be a little harder to get a response 'immediately'...but we're told if you really can't keep control of the situation on your own and there won't be a unit with you for 5 mins then 'tacticly withdraw' and keep everyone updated on the radio as to what is going on so once back up arrives everyone knows what to expect. A lot of people have said that there is always an unhealthy feeling between PCs and PCSOs, but Ive not come across a single PC that has said a bad word about PCSOs. They know that PCSOs do make a difference and do free them up to get on with the serious side of the job. There are a few things I dont like...mainly the fact that I cannot stop and search someone myself. I think some other forces in the UK do allow PCSOs to search. In the MET we cannot, I can simply stop a person & ask them to account for their actions. Should I decide that they need to be turned over, I have to call in a unit to come and search them. It does get quite frustrating when I have to wait 10 minutes for a unit simply to go through someones pockets. It usually agitates the person Ive stopped, and - at the same time - wastes valuable time the PCs have. Would be a lot easier for us to search people. Anyway, Im going to apply again for PC at the beginning of next year, and hopefully move on in time for the olympics in 2012
  2. pcso detaining

    I have 'detained' quite a few people since I started 3 months ago. For example I have had a couple of people who have breached their bail conditions, after I have stopped them and checked their details, and I just keep them talking till a unit arrives. And should they peg it, I'll just chase them, keep my beady eye on them, and update the unit thats running. Usually takes less than 5 minutes for someone to get there, so not too hard really! Ive had 9 people arrested as a result of 'keeping them talking'
  3. Female PCSOs

    The majority of the time both Male and Female PCSOs patrol alone on my team during the day up till 8ish but after that we always pair up. We work in a busy town centre, so at night we frequently get a load of drunks and fights going on, so for safety reasons its necessary. Sometimes at night we may not walk side by side, but we will be close enough to each other to offer assistance immediately.
  4. Shift patterns...

    I am going to be on a safer transport team in Bromley in a few weeks, but I don't know what my shift patterns are going to be. Do you know what they are likely to be? Most people on in my training class already know there shifts, just a handful of us left outta the loop.
  5. Howdie

    Thanks for the welcome. Yeh I think I will wait for a year or so, just to get a little taster (for all I know it may not be for me - despite the fact Ive wanted to be in the police since I was a little boy). I thought at the time of failing, I may aswell get my foot in the door rather than wait another 6 months for the possibilty of not getting in a second time.
  6. Howdie

    Hi there, My names Tom and Im a new PCSO recruit with the Met. Unfortunately missed out on being a PC by 2% last year, and I was offered PCSO or Specials as an alternative! I couldnt hack my previous job anymore so I had to get out of there and take on the PCSO role. Only 1 1/2 weeks into my training, but it enjoying it so far, and looking forward to getting out. A friend told me to sign up soooo...bonjour!