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  1. Cycling while drunk RTA S30

    I nicked a guy for Cycling Under the Influence and my necessity criteria was unable to ascertain name and address. Eventually he came around and I was able to get his true identity. I released him to be reported and he was convicted in court. As it is not a motor vehicle you cannot demand a sample of breath the entire case was on Police observations. He was cycling all over the road, bike wobbling! Stopped him and his eyes were glazed and speech slurred and he smelt of alcohol. He then stumbled off the bike. Those observations were enough for the magistrate.

    I just know lots of people who have left Beds!
  3. Can anyone tell me which forces have investigation teams to take on files from Response officers, other than the Met. I'm burnt out!!! Put the kettle in.
  4. foot chase

    I chased a guy down the other night who ran from a pub brawl we were responding to. Ended up running into an estate on my own and as I caught up he turned towards me and I was sure he was going to try have a crack at me. The NDM kicked in lol! I drew spray got compliance without having to deploy it and got the cuffs on him! Yeah I see your point absolutely but that old style chasing down the bad guys really brought my moral up that's for sure.
  5. I'm moving to work in Oxford City. Has anyone got any advice on where would be a good place to look to buy a two bedroom flat. I took a look on a few property sites and once I got up off the floor after falling over at the sight of the prices I said I better post a message to figure out where the other Oxford coppers live.
  6. What boots are best?

    Check out Bates Police boots they're fantastic. Lightweight, waterproof and breathable. I'm going to buy a second pair soon.
  7. The Police - it's really not a job worth doing

    I feel the same about 'The Old Job' sometimes. You do get sick of dealing with my friends ex-girlfriend is harassing me on Facebook and I want this this and this! However you do get that buzz when you get to play good old cops and robbers and have a good old foot chase or respond to something juicy and there is no greater sense of satisfaction than hearing the sound of the cuffs going on someone who has done wrong. Yes there is endless bureaucracy and most of the time I feel like a social worker, only I carry a gun. We are meant to be a jack of all trades and a master of none and yes it is stressful but no one made us join this job and we do have a good secure job. If you're in a rut don't look at the negative side you will just get yourself down think look what I have achieved. I have my health and strength, a good steady pay cheque and the opportunity to diversify into different avenues in my job. Join a gym, get outside, set some personal goals e.g. A 10k. Exercise for me is the best way of relieving stress. I'm setting some career goals now and will do my best to get there. So let's not dwell on the bad side of things. Remember why you joined the job and those moments in your career when you felt this was the best job in the world. Look at what internal vacancies are coming out and go for them.
  8. Transferees

    They're advertising for transferees now
  9. If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    Glock 19, 9mm in a Galco inside the waistband holster.
  10. Australian Police Officer

    Also be aware that most UK forces have a 3 year UK residency rule before you can apply to join the Police. You might be able to get around this with a Police Clearence certificate. I encountered this problem when I went to join.
  11. Response driving course next week

    Today as every day I will be driving my car to the system of car control which is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance.......... Yes great course. Just learn to drive the way they teach you and stay within your limits. That road craft book is a pain though!
  12. Hello I am looking at transferring to TVP and would greatly appreciate if any TVP officers would PM me or reply to this post with some advice. It would be a big move for me so it will need to be well planned. Many thanks P365
  13. Australia has a lot if great opportunities and my feeling as a single guy would be to give it a shot so long as you have the door open to return to a UK force. I'm lucky in that I have family out here. Next year I'll put in for it if it comes out again.
  14. I have been on holiday in Sydney and spoke with some Police. As most know there is a better than good chance of being sent to extremely remote stations in Western Australia but that many earned large salaries. It is crazy expensive here. A loaf of bread is $5!!!! but salaries do match cost of living the locals said. I didn't see Western Australia though. Sydney and Melbourne are beautiful and there is such a great quality of life here
  15. Saw this mate http://www.tayside.police.uk/Recruitment/Police-Officers/transferees.htm no experience of working in Scotland myself but was considering a transfer too