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  1. The Police Recruitment Application Form

    If it asks for passport details, then that is what it wants. Not ID card details.
  2. Older applicant

    Unless you are a particularly fit and active person in my opinion you are too old.
  3. Finally, the penny has dropped. There are not enough Police Officers.
  4. Giving details of forums/chatrooms

    What is the problem with answering the question truthfully?
  5. Red Light - Ambulance Behind

    If you are stationary at red ats, and the traffic cannot move out of your way. Turn the two tones off. Turn them back on at the amber light.
  6. More Changes in Policing

    Sit them in the front office of course, and ask them not too leave.
  7. U Div

    Where is 'U' Division?
  8. New Probationer Concerns

    Posted in error.
  9. Arming British police?

    1. Not all officers are capable of reaching AFO standards, in either fitness or shooting ability. Some have difficulty applying handcuffs in the approved way. 2. Glocks are accurate (Depends on range and ability). 3. No point in having the weapons neatly stored in a vehicle safe, or in an armoury at the knick. If you are armed you should have weapon in holster, on hip/leg. 4. In a mobile shooter scenario, traffic would grind to a halt and it may take some considerable time for an ARV to get to the scene. Shock horror you maybe the unit on scene. 5. With a cordon you may not be able to distinguish between public and shooter(s). Unfortunately times are changing.
  10. Newbie -needs help!

    Eyes and ears open. Mouth shut.
  11. Arming British police?

    ''Police Officers would more than likely not go near the scene' Really? You are living in the past. These are mobile shooters the incident could very quickly come to your cordon. Would you rather shoot back (even with a Glock) or try and hit them with a baton/CS, or taser?
  12. We, the Police should call the shots when it comes to Pay and conditions of service.. Not people like Teresa May. The public should be treated fairly and with respect.
  13. Police state? No not at all, just standing up for ones selves. The agreement that we signed up to all those years ago that meant that we ended up with a toothless Federation has gone. Therefore, in my opinion it is null and void. We should have a union and the right to strike.
  14. As various governments have forced changes to Police Officers terms and conditions, relating to pay, pensions and budgets. I believe that the police should do away with the toothless Federation, and form a proper trades Union. Sorry, but the dog should wag it's own tail.