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  1. Hi can anyone tell me west Yorkshire recruitment process is it the same as gmp.
  2. Hi just lost out by 3% for gmp so i want to transfer results has anyone else done this and been successful. Im thinking merseyside cheshire or west yorkshire.
  3. ross ive just emailed merseyside so should get replie soon. cheers for the info
  4. Hi ross gutted to i got 52% overall, I will transfer results to merseyside or Cheshire if they are recruiting if not i will reapplie for gmp in six month's. good luck to the rest of you
  5. Well done neri i bet your buzzin. I had mine on the 3rd so hopefully il get my results fri.
  6. Hi neri im not to hopeful, the written was a disaster for me but only time will tell. good luck!
  7. I cant see it being before the end of the month. But you never no good luck again Louise
  8. Hi bon i had my a/c 3/7/2009 am were you am / pm
  9. Hi Louise i was doing the same thinking about the stuff i did wrong but when i started thinking about the stuff i did right it made me feel better. Give it a try and stop worrying and chill out im sure you'll of done enough.
  10. Lee at 18 your right you've done very well so well done. But spare a thought for us older ones I'm 37 and i am praying i have done enough to pass i no i struggled in the written. The rest im sure went good only time will tell. At 37 i just don't like the idea of waiting 6 months to reapply
  11. Hi to all who took gmp a/c June / July we all seem to be in different post so lets all stay on this one to make life easier for us all. As were all in the same boat IE! playing the waiting game. So lets all keep in touch and remember good or bad news we have all done well to get this far. good luck to you all
  12. Hi Neri i feel the same i did good in everything i think! accept the written i only managed about 1 to 2 paragraph's I'm sure it wont be enough.
  13. Well just got back from a/c and i am drained. However it is not as bad as i imagined it would be so chin up to any one going to a/c up-to the 10th July. good luck to you all....................
  14. My a/c is Friday morning, i have been feeling quite nervous for about 6 month's but for the last 2 weeks i seem to be very much looking forward to it. After attending the awareness evening all my nerves disappeared I'm confident i will do ok however its not good to be to confident. Any one else got the same date and how are you all feeling.