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  1. Tips For Assessment Day

    Hi all! Can anyone confirm how close to their assessment they received the relevant SEARCH pack through the post? I have an assessment booked for 10th of July. Its been booked for over a month and yet to receive pack. Closer to the time I presume? Many thanks in advance
  2. North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Thank fully im no stranger I SEARCH. although I am no expert either so yes. Il be doing what I can before hand. Something for the 10 hour flight perhaps.
  3. North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Hi Trig. In a lose response to the above the guidelines are as follows. Upon failing at any stage you are required to wait a 6 month period prior to re applying to any force. This is purely for transparency reasons and acts as a safeguard to people taking two chomps at the bit so to speak. However. Upon passing SEARCH (you refer to it as A/C) as far as I am aware this remains live with you for 12 months (some forces even 2 years) meaning you can either transfer your application to an outside force if they are good enough to accept, or you can with draw from standings and later reapply to an outside force and when reaching SEARCH you can request the force in question contacts the force you passed with in order to obtain confirmation and your pass score. The SEARCH assessments are heald and adjudicated by The Collage Of Policing. Not the force it's self so it is in essence a qualification that carries you for a period of time. Similar to that of a driving theory test prior to taking practical. Incidentally I have also replied to you in the other thread topic that I started some time ago :) Take care buddy and stay in touch! Simno.
  4. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    Never give up. Resilience is only your first hurdle, Iv waited a year+ to hear in the past. only to be passed through sift, successful at assessment, successful at interview/medical and fitness and given a date for uniform. only for the plug to be pulled due to lack of funding. kick in the gonads much? Still rocking though.. I work within WYP and North is a favoured choice for one reason or another.... and another........and another.. I did email NYP HR last Tuesday with a polite nudge and request to see if recruitment was on-going. it does annoy me sometimes when they use the word "shortly" I suppose really is a piece of string sort of scenario but regardless.. it would be nice to know your not just a number lost in the system haha
  5. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    Triggers mate. Have you heard anything back as yet? I am currently awaiting to hear back and I have had the same message pending since the closing date. In my experience (Lots of) this is a generic message that all are shown until movement is made. I would very much appreciate hearing what stage your at bud.