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  1. all Met PCSO applications terminated.

    Good luck with the DDO role. Big question is how can the MET continue to operate in this way? To plan and resource a recruitment drive then to consistently 'can' applications after people have invested their time? I wish something could be done, because they're making this into a really bad habit!
  2. Employment History

    I would record it in your employment history as it's vocational, as opposed to voluntary. Make it clear it's part of your Masters though.
  3. Changes To Recruitment

    Like DizzDee said, i think there are definite advantages from recruiting internally, but think external applicants should still get a chance too. After-all life experience counts for a lot too!!
  4. MET PCSO recruitment open

    Mairi Could it be because you have an ongoing application for BTP? I know they only allow applications for one force at a time when applying for a regular position - is it the same for PCSO roles?
  5. Entry level for new Pc's ?

    TVP have also stipluated that future recruits may/will need to complete the Foundation Degree in policing, in addition to the minimum 2 A'level requirement. If Forces start going down this route they'll miss out on laods of great potential recruits who don't particularly have the academia but have the practical!
  6. Assesment Practice?

    Probably because there aren't any! When you are invited to an Assessment Centre, one thing you sign up to is to not discuss what goes on at Assessment Centres!!
  7. Question about applicability

    Don't feel stupid or ashamed about it. Accept it for what it was and move on. People do all sorts of stupid things - especially when there's beer involved. It's an episode you learn from. I bet you are more in-tune with yourself now then you were before this happened? At some stage (be that as Plod or not) you'll find this experience helps you help someone else because of the lessons you learned. I sincerely hope this doesn't count against you - and just reiterate my previous comment - be up front if/when asked. All the best!
  8. Question about applicability

    From memory - the medical doesn't require disclosure of your complete medical history. It's not like they require you to submit your full medical notes. If it does come up in the medical, answer as appropriate and be honest. If they then require access to your medical records for more information they'll then see there was no follow up treatment (something i'm surprised about - I don't mean that i think you're lying about it, I'm more surprised at the failure of the 'system' to not pick up on your suicide attempt and recognise that you may have needed some treatment). I hope it all works out for you.
  9. Question about applicability

    I think there are a couple of questions you should bear in mind. Was there any question on the application which required you to declare the attempt, but which you have chosen not to? Or, does your suicide attempt fall outside of any questionning and therefore you've chosen not to declare it because it wasn't required? If you've applied and deliberately witheld the information - i would contact the HR department of the force to explain the situation. It's better to be upfront with them rather than risk them finding out and questionning you. If on the other hand they haven't asked anything specific about any past history of mental illness, within which your episode falls, then you're within your rights to not declare it. Should it arise during any vetting of medical history it should not be used to discount your application. These are just my opinions mind. When i applied in 2009 for the MET (regulars) i don't think i declared an episode of depression i suffered - as there wasn't a question requiring me to do so. I still passed my vetting and medical. Ended up getting dropped due to budget cuts, but that's another story!!
  10. MET PCSO recruitment open

    Now closed as they have issued their maxiumum number of application packs.
  11. Police Recruitment 2012

    I agree completely. I don't think the current trend for internal recruitment is a bad thing, provided those who can't can at least have a chance to apply. As stated before, if 'they' don't, how can the force be trully representative?
  12. Police Recruitment 2012

    That i completely agree with. It should be down to individual merit, not length of service.
  13. Police Recruitment 2012

    Sorry Calvin but i disagree. If the only way into the job is via the Specials route then obviously many more people are going to take this option with the hope of becoming a regular as soon as they can. I think this is the 'carrot' many forces are deliberately offering. don't get me wrong; there are benefits each way in this process. Forces get extra PC's on the streets and SPC's get to try before you buy and see if their idea of policing matches the reality. I don't think there's anything wrong is saying people joining the Specials need to be careful or that it undermines the purpose. They simply need to be realistic and appreciate that they may better their chances of becoming a regular, but that there are no guarantees. The MET have no plans to begin looking at external (i.e. non-PCSO or MPS applicants) until 2013 at the earliest. Admittedly what they say and what they do differs hugely!! The long and the short is external recruitment will become a much rarer occurence moving forward, so you have a choice. Become a Special or PCSO, or choose to wait and take your chances if and when external recruitment occurs.
  14. Police Recruitment 2012

    Nah, they've already done that once. They wouldn't possibly do it again?!
  15. Police Recruitment 2012

    Mac Unfortunately that may be the case - passing all of the assessment is not gaurantee of an offer. On the plus side though, if they are actively recruiting then there's no reason why you shouldn't get a place. Ryobi - like many on here (me included) passed all the assessments etc for the MET in 2009 and were then canned as part of the recruitment freeze - hence the no guarantee bit. I'm sure you'll be fine though! Good Luck M