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  1. Stevie I don't think this is a disciplinary issue - a probation period is designed to give both the employer and the employee the means to walk away from the employment contract at any point. They decided to do this after your accident - decideing that you didn't have the right experience to meet their needs. That's different from going down a disciplinary or greivance route. As mentioned previously - discuss your concerns with the Force recruitment they'll offer best advice. Good luck!
  2. Another thing to consider is ignoring the policecouldyou website as i don't think any forces actually update this anymore! Last time i checked there were none listed as actively recruiting though at the time Hants, Avon & Somerset and a couple of others were. It's best to check the individual Forces' website. Hampshire were recently doing a limited recruitement campaign, but they only opened it up to people currently living in Hampshire!! No matter where you look all the Forces are making it more and more difficult to apply - let alone get in!! Surrey are considering applications but only if you have the new qualification (£625 course to get it though)!!
  3. Having doubts is completely normal - after all you're only human! Look past the things that concern you - maybe being a beat officer won't be for you; but remember the diverse range of things you can get into after finishing probation!! The choice is phenominal!! Grit your teeth and ignore your family. For the things that worry you, remember the training will get you through it, that and the support of your fellow recruits - after all we're all in the same boat!
  4. Me too! Only been waiting 14 years!! Few more weeks won't make any difference!!!
  5. Hi All Just found about this site from a friend who's also applying for the job, and thought i'd say hello! I'm a MET hopeful having passed both day 1 and 2 assessment centres! Fingers, toes and everything else crossed, waiting to hear my results!